If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.
- Derek Bok

We will not "hang up our shoes" ...
... an italian expression which means to stop doing something ...

... we will keep looking at the sky, not letting science, research and education go by.

Martina (age 8): La mia finestra sul cielo
(My window on the sky)

Giuseppe (age 8): Viaggiatore nello spazio
(Voyager in space)

Anais G. (age 7): Il pescatore di stelle
(The fisherman of stars)

The drawings have been taken from the kid's competition: "Look at the sky and draw your emotions"
  The picture is by Giancarlo Ghirlanda (A tree on Route 66, California).

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Over the last few decades the Italian governments have been slowly killing Research, Universities and the Educational system. The latest official excuse is the crisis but, once more, it seems somehow that the crisis has singled out specific areas to strike over and over again. The most recently announced financial cuts make no exception, addressing yet another, perhaps final, blow to Research and Education in Italy.

In the time-frame of a few days, the current government has realized that Italy is not immune to the crisis (!), and decided, basically overnight, to suppress/merge many Scientific Institutes to try and save money, just out of the blue, without prior discussion and with no long or even mid-term plan.

Needless to say that such a decision is not only scientifically but also economically questionable, bringing the whole country centuries back. But then again, with a quick turnaround, maybe due to the strong reaction of the community, our government changed its mind putting most of these dramatic suppressions/mergings on hold, leaving a sword hanging over our heads. Nevertheless, additional cuts to salaries and funding (including temporary staff) as well as severely reduced recruitment for the next 5 years will be applied, on top of which the suppression/merging of entire Institutes is pending, with frightening, uncontrollable uncertainty about the future. Not to mention the devastating cuts in the public educational system, the very one that must (should) forge the curious and prepared minds of tomorrow, that is painfully under-going a massive and continuous loss of money, knowledge, importance, respect.

Given the current difficult situation in Italy, we may have to fall as scientists, but we won't do so quietly. In knowledge, Research, Education resides our future and we will do our best not to let them go.

Adamantia Paizis (INAF, National Institute of Astrophysics),
Milano, June 23rd, 2010

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Last signature: June 10th, 2012.

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Leo Bezroukov, UW MadisonMarina Orio, INAF,Padova
Isabella Pagano, INAF,CataniaAlessio Trois, INAF,Roma
Bazzano Angela, INAF,RomaMaria Letizia Pumo, INAF,Catania
Lucia Pozzetti, INAF,BolognaAndrea Giuliani, INAF,Milano
Elena Pancino, INAF,BolognaMauro Pucillo, INAF,Trieste
Alberto Pellizzoni, INAF,CagliariAmata Mercurio, INAF,Napoli
Laura Mainardi, ItaliaLara Sidoli, INAF,Milano
Michele Bellazzini, INAF,BolognaStefano Sandrelli, INAF,Milano
Paolo Montegriffo, INAF,BolognaGabriele Ghisellini, INAF,Milano
Daniele Spiga, INAF,MilanoMauro Fiorini, INAF,Milano
Valentina D'Odorico, INAF,TriesteBoris Sbarufatti, INAF,Palermo
Giancarlo Ghirlanda, INAF,MilanoYuri Evangelista, INAF,Roma
Richard Smart, INAF,TorinoPaolo Esposito, INAF,Cagliari
Stefano Pezzuto, INAF,RomaMarta Burgay, INAF,Cagliari
Andrea Tiengo, INAF,MilanoFranco Vazza, INAF,Bologna
Martino Marelli, INAF,MilanoAlfonso Collura, INAF,Palermo
Valentina La Parola, INAF,PalermoAndrea Martocchia, INAF,Roma
Vito Francesco Polcaro, INAF,RomaAnna Piersimoni, INAF,Teramo
Simone Dall'Osso, The Racah Institute of Physics,IsraelGiulia Rodighiero, Universita' di Padova
Fabio Mattana, APC Paris,FranceHelene Petrakis, Milano,Italia
Constantinos Paizis, Milano,ItaliaGiovanna Mosca, Milano,Italia
Nikolaos Paizis, Milano,ItaliaMassimo Cocchi, INAF,Roma
Silvia Bertossa, Milano,ItaliaSimona Soldi, CEA Paris,France
Diego Gotz, CEA Paris,FranceLuisa Liguori, Munich,Germany
Gabriella Gaudio, INFN Pavia,ItaliaMichela Uslenghi, INAF - Milano,Italy
Luigi Paioro, INAF-IASF MilanoCarlo Ferrigno, ISDC-Universite de Geneve - Switzerland
Irene Fasiello, ISIR Paris,FranceRoberta Paladini, USA
Francesco Massaro, Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory USADominique Eckert, IASF Milano
Andrea Santangelo, Kepler Center TŘbingenElisa Nichelli, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico,Roma
Stefano Gallozzi, INAF-OARomaManuela Molina, IASF,Milano
Anna Wolter, INAF-OABrera,MilanoGrazia Umana, INAF Catania
Paolo Miocchi, Università BolognaLorenzo Amati, INAF - IASF Bologna,Italy
Paolo Tozzi, Italyerika Paravati, Italy
Gianfranco Brunetti, ItalyAlessandro Marconi, Dip. Fisica e Astronomia,UniversitÓ di Firenze
Jerome Rodriguez, Paris-Saclay,FranceGisella Clementini, INAF,Bologna
Enrico Bozzo, ISDC-SwitzerlandGiacomo Mulas, INAF - Osservatorio di Cagliari
Massimo Brescia, INAF Capodimonte Observatory,ItalyAntonella Castellina, INAF
Angela Bragaglia, INAF-OA BolognaCarla Cacciari, INAF,Osservatorio Bologna
Viviana Casasola, INAF-IRA Bologna,ItalyPiero Salinari, INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
Sara Lucatello, INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova ItalyCorrado Trigilio, INAF Catania
Innocenza Busa, INAF OACataniaArash Bodaghee, UC Berkeley
Nicola Masetti, INAF/IASF di BolognaCosimo Antonio Volpicelli, INAF-OATo,Torino Italy
Andrea Comastri, INAF-OABO,Italy Giovanni Bonanno, INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Stelio MOntebugnoli, INAF/IRAPaola Rossi, INAF-OATo,Italy
Margherita Biffi, UniversitÓ di Milano Bicocca,ItalyEros Vanzella, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
Antonella Fruscione, SAO,USAStefano Cristiani, INAF Trieste
Elisabetta Memola, INFN - Section of Milano-Bicocca,ItalyArmando Riccardi, INAF - Arcetri,Firenze
Fabrizio Tavecchio, INAF - OABAndrea Zonca, University of California,Santa Barbara
Gianluca Israel, INAF - OARLucia Pavan, ISDC,Universite de Geneve - Switzerland
Aniello Mennella, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano,ItalyAngelo Antonelli, INAF,OA Roma
Piergiorgio Casella, University of Southampton,United KingdomFrancesca R. Porta, INAF - Roma M.Mario
Barbara Masella, ItalyPiero Ranalli, UniversitÓ di Bologna
Simone Scaringi, Radboud University Nijmegen,The NetherlandsMark Gaber, Switzerland
Alessandra De Rosa, INAF/IASF-RomaAnna Curir, INAF osservatorio astronomico di Torino
Roberto Turolla, Universita' di Padova,ItalyIlaria Musella, INAF-OACN,Naples,Italy
Melania Del Santo, INAF/IASF-RomaTomaso Belloni, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Scige John Liu, Ifsi-ROMAStefano Orsini, INAF-IFSI,Roma,Italy
Massimiliano RomÚ, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano,ItalySilvana Campione, Italy
Francesco Santoli, INAF-IFSI,ROma,ItalySabrina De Grandi, INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Stefania Varano, INAF Istituto di RadioastronomiaPietro Pavan, Universita' di Padova
Maura Pilia, Insubria; INAF-OACMaurizio Ternullo, INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Matteo Perri, ASDC,ItalyEmanuela Puddu, INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
Francesco Gomez, INAFSergio Messina, INAF Catania Astrophysical Observatory
Alberto Adriani, INAF-IFSI,Roma,ItaliaTore Pilloni, INAF - Cagliari
Laura Abrami, INAF TriestePaola Mazzei, INAF,Italy
Mauro Orlandini, INAF/IASF Bologna,ItalyDaniela bettoni, INAF,Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Francesco Cuttaia, INAF-IASF Bologna,ItalyLoredana Prisinzano, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo
Giuseppina Coppola, INAF-OACN,Naples,ItalyMarco Bondi, INAF-IRA Bologna
Emiliano Fiorenza, INAF - RomaClaudio Pernechele, INAF OA Cagliari
Guido Cupani, INAF,TriesteAngela Mangano, INAF
Elisa Prandini, INFN,Padova,ItalyLaura Greggio, INAF-OA padova
Gianluca Polenta, ASDC,ItalyLaura Affer, INAF - OA Palermo
Paola Severgnini, Osservatorio Astronomico di BreraStefano Borgani, Univ. Trieste
Sebastiano Spinelli, UniversitÓ di Milano-BicoccaSalvatore Orlando, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo
DI MARTINO MARIO, INAF - Ossrvatorio Astronomico di TorinoFabio Pizzolato, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Salvatore Capozziello, Universita' di Napoli Giorgia Busso, Leiden University
Michela Mapelli, University of Milano BicoccaMarilena Caramazza, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo
Marco Velli, UniversitÓ di FirenzeFausto Vagnetti, Universita` di Roma Tor Vergata
Sara Motta, INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di BreraFranca Costa, ISDC,Observatory of Geneva,UNIGE - Switzerland
Nicol˛ Piluso, IMM-CNR ItalyGiuseppe Crescenzio, INAF Torino,Italy
Mario Accolla, INAF - NapoliAnna Bonaldi, INAF Oapd
Francesco Haardt, Astrophysics-InsubriaMassimo Cappi, INAF/IASF Bologna
Alberto Egidi, Universita' di Roma Tor VergataElena Marchese, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Myriam Gitti, INAF-OA Bologna,ItalySergio Adelchi Argada, INAF-IFSI/Roma
Valeria Mangano, INAF-IFSI RomaRoberto Caimmi, Universita' di Padova
Luciano Nobili, Universita di PadovaGianni Catanzaro, INAF,Catania
Alberto Vecchiato, INAF - OAToSalvatore Sciortino, INAF-Oss. Astronomico di Palermo
Daniela Tresoldi, INAF Milanogiuseppe gavazzi, universita' di Milano Bicocca
Valentina D'Orazi, INAF PadovaClementina Sasso, INAF-OACN
Michele Gatti, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di BolognaPaolo Pagano, KU Leuven (Belgium)
Claudia M. Raiteri, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di TorinoFabio Finelli, INAF/IASF Bologna
Francesca Altieri, IFSI ROMA INAFSara Turriziani, Universita` di Roma Tor Vergata,Italy
Massimo Calvani, INAF - Astronomical Observatory,PadovaDario Del Moro, UniversitÓ di Roma
Giovanni Morlino, INAF-Osservatorio di ArcetriLuca Di Fabrizio, FGG-TNG
Carmelo Magnafico, IFSI/INAF ROMASteve Shore, Fisica (Astrofisica),Univ. di Pisa
maria luisa moriconi, ISAC-CNRFrancesco Isgro, Universita` di Napoli Federico II,Italy
Dave Willis, UKCarlo Cosmelli, UniversitÓ Sapienza,Roma
Giorgio Sironi, University of Milano Bicocca - ItalySergio Poppi, INAF - Cagliari
Fabio La Franca, Universita` Roma TreMarco Gullieuszik, Royal Observatory of Belgium,Bruxelles
Alessandro Carosi, INAF-OARLandi Degl'Innocenti Egidio, University of Firenze,Italy
Alberto Cappi, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di BolognaElisabetta Pierini, Italy,University of Urbino
Noemi Iacolina, INAF - OACagliariSergio Terzo, UniversitÓ degli studi di Palermo/INAF-OAPA
Monica Alderighi, INAF,MilanoFranco Tinarelli, INAF-Ist. Radioastronomia di Bologna
Carla Maceroni, INAF-OARMatteo Viel, Italy
Cesare Cecchi-Pestellini, INAF - OACMarica Branchesi, UniversitÓ di Urbino
Fabio Muleri, INAF RomaDiego Paris, INAF-OAR
Piotr Lubinski, N. Copernicus Astronomical Center,Torun,PolandMassimiliano Guarrasi, INAF-OAPA
Valentina Granata, UniversitÓ di Padova,ItalyJosefina Montalban, Universite de Liege,Belgio
Emiliano D'Aversa, IFSI-INAFFloriana Grasso, University of Liverpool (UK)
Produit Nicolas, ISDC,Geneva,SwitzerlandGiancarlo de Gasperis, Univ. di Roma
Mario Zannoni, University of Milano BicoccaAndrea Longobardo, IFSI-INAF,Italy
Bianca Maria Dinelli, ISAC-CNR - ItalyMuro Ciarniello, IASF-INAF
ANDREA RAPISARDA, Catania University and INFNDaniela Fantinel, INAF - Padova
Attilio Ferrari, Universita' di TorinoLola Balaguer-Nu˝ez, Universitat de Barcelona. Spain
Elvira Covino, INAF-Oss. Astronomico di CapodimonteDubath Pierre, Geneva Observatory,Switzerland
Ummi Abbas, INAF - TorinoLucia Romano, UniversitÓ di Catania
Antonio Terrasi, Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia,UniversitÓ diMarino Mezzetti, Dipartimento di Fisica,UniversitÓ di Trieste
Stefano Zibetti, MPIA - GermanyAngelo Cunsolo, University of Catania
Anna Maria Sambuco, IASF-ROMA INAF Italy Francesca Zuccarello, Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia,Italy
Fabio Fontanot, INAF-ItalyErnesto Oliva, INAF - Arcetri - Firenze
Wilms Joern, University of Erlangen Nuremberg,GermanyRenato Pucci, Dipartimento di Fisica Italy
Cristina TuvŔ, University of Catania,ItalyUli Katz, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,Germany
Luciana Federici, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna Francesco CATARA, Universita' di Catania,Italy
Sarah Burgay, ItalyAntonio Insolia, Univ. of Catania (Italy)
Francesco Leone, Universita` di CataniaMassimo Della Valle, INAF-Napoli
de Felice Fernando, University of Padova ItalyGaetano Belvedere, Dept. Physics and Astronomy,Univ. Catania,Italy
Fabio Pasian, INAF OATriesteStefania Sechi, Italy
Marco Miceli, University of Palermo,INAF-OA PalermoGiancarlo Maero, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano
Alexander Krassilchtchikov, A.F. Ioffe Institute,St. Petersburg,RussiaMonica Tosi, INAF -OA Bologna
Marcella Brusa, MPE / MunichCorrado Santoro, University of Catania,Italy
Vincenzo Nicosia, Universita' di CataniaPaolo Padovani, ESO,Germany
Rossella Caruso, Dept.Physics and Astronomy,Univ.Catania,ItalyLech Mankiewicz, Center for Theoretical Physics,PAS,Poland
Mauro Lopez del Fresno, CAB,SpainBruce Gendre, ASI Science Data Center,Italy
Benjamin Gufler, TUM / MunichAjit Kembhavi, IUCAA,Pune,India
Le Petit Franck, Observatoire de ParisHuib van Langevelde, JIVE Dwingeloo/Leiden the Netherlands
Anna Gueli, UniversitÓ di CataniaGiuseppe Sinatra, University of Catania,Italy
Giancarlo Franzese, Universitat de Barcelona,SpainSimona Bovinelli, INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
Thomas Boch, CDS,FranceDelabrouille Jacques, France
Masatoshi Ohishi, NAOJ,JapanSaskia Schumacher, Italy
Mark Taylor, Bristol University,UKRoberto Acciarri, INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso - Italy
Paolo Span˛, INAF - Oss. Astr. BreraSanti Cassisi, INAF - OACTe
Antonio Magazz¨, TNG-INAFVincenzo Branchina, Universita` di Catania,Italy
Gerard Lemson, MPA,Germanymaurizio candidi, ifsi-inaf italia
Andrzej Szelc, INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran SassoMireille Louys, UniversitÚ strasbourg
Margherita Buizza Avanzini, Universita' di Milano,INFN Sezione di MilanoMartin Stift, Institute for Astronomy,Vienna,Austria
Silvia Dalla, University of Central Lancashire,UKPetri Savolainen, Aalto University,Finland
Ivo Busko, Space Telescope Science Institute / NASA -USAJai Won Kim, MPE,Germany
Andrew Hopkins, AAO,AustraliaGiorgio Riccobene, INFN,Italy
Daniele Dallacasa, Dip. Astronomia,UniBOUgur TIRNAKLI, Ege University,Turkey
Alessandro Lanzafame, University of CataniaJEANNE CHIARIZIA, FRANCE
Voges Wolfgang, Max Planck Digital Library,GermanyWrochna Michal, University of Goettingen
Resio Cecilia, Franceangelica sette, italia
Sciarra Alessandro, ItalyAlfio Lazzaro, CERN
Gert Sikkema, University of Groningen,NetherlandsUgo Becciani, INAF - Catania
Emanuele Pace, UniversitÓ di Firenze,ItalyBrice Gassmann, CDS (France)
Professor Rachel Webster, University of MelbourneKjetil Kjernsmo, Technologist,Norway
LOUYS Sandrine, FranceMarie Lise Dubernet-Tuckey, UPMC,France
Alexander Potekhin, Ioffe Institute,RussiaReinaldo de Carvalho, INPE/Brazil
Marc Turler, ISDC,Univ. of Geneva,SwitzerlandTiziana Di Salvo, Universita' degli Studi di Palermo
Franšois-Xavier Pineau, CDS,FranceMauro D'Onofrio, Depertment of astronomy,University of Padova (Ita
Valentijn Edwin, University of Groningen/NetherlandsAlessandro Navarrini, IRAM,France
Filippo Spig, INFN ItalyGiovanni Chessa, Italy
Marisa Girardi, Univ.Trieste,ItalyAndrea Giachero, INFN Szione di Milano Bicocca
Morag MacLean, Edinburgh,ScotlandNeri Roberto, IRAM,France
Alexander Nesterenok, RussiaPaola Scarpetti, Italy
Monica Pondrelli, UniversitÓ d'Annunzio,ItalyBeatriz Barbuy, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Federica Ragni, ItalyManuela Zoccali, P. Universidad Catolica de Chile
Andre Schaaff, CDS,FranceRob Zondag, The Netherlands
Ciro Del Vecchio, INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory,ItalyGiuseppina Battaglia, ESO,Germany
Yukio Yamamoto, ISAS/JAXASantina Piraino, INAF-IASF Palermo,IAAT TŘbingen
Silvia MartÝnez-N˙˝ez, SpainJonas Haase, ST-ECF
Ignazio Pillitteri, SAO-Harvard Center for AstrophysicsDave Morris, UK
Petr Skoda, Astronomical Institute AS Czech RepublicSebastien Derriere, UniversitÚ de Strasbourg
Fabrizio Brighenti, Universita' di BolognaAndrew Ptak, NASA/GSFC,USA
Alice Filippelli, ItalyLaurentiu Caramete, Institute for Space Science,Romania
Maurizio Paolillo, University of Naples Federico II,ItalyStefano Vercellone, INAF/IASF Palermo - Italy
Marco Fumana, INAF-IASF MilanoAndrea De Luca, IUSS Pavia
Laura Mento, ItaliaMaria Nieto-Santisteban, USA
Veruska Muccione, SwitzerlandAlessandro Paggi, UniversitÓ di Roma
Concettina Sfienti , ItalyYan Grange, The Netherlands
Arnold Rots, USARossella Martino, UniversitÓ di Roma
Ani Thakar, JHU,USAAdam Ruzicka, Institute of Astronomy,University Vienna
Giorgio Matt, Universita' Roma TreMichal Dovciak, Czech Republic
Christian Surace, LAM-FRANCEYura Kupryakov, Russia/Ceska Respublika
Giuseppe Murante, INAF - Osservatorio di TorinoMiroslav Barta, MPS,Germany
Francesca Scipioni, UniversitÓ di Roma Tor VergataGraziella Pizzichini, INAF/IASF Bologna Italy
Martino Marisaldi, INAF-IASF Bologna,ItalyDaniela Korcakova, Czech Republic
Kamil Hornoch, Astronomical Institute,Ondrejov,Czech RepublicSuzanne Talon, UniversitÚ de MontrÚal,Canada
Emanuele Ripamonti, Universita' di Milano-Bicocca,ItalyScilla Degl'Innocenti, Italy
Michal Bursa, AsU Ondrejov,Czechiagermana cesarano, italy
Massimo Gaspari, UniversitÓ di BolognaDavid Hercik, Czech Republic
Giuseppe Piccioni, INAF-IASF Roma,ItalyRobert Hanisch, STScI,USA
Alessandro Caccianiga, INAF - OABreraStanislav Gunar, Astronomical Institute,Academy of Sciences,Czech
Silvia Fabello, MPA - Garching Jan Vondrßk, Astronomical Institute,Czech R.
Ginevra Trinchieri, INAF-OABreraMyriam Zirn, France
Marc Fouchard, niversitÚ de Lille1/FranceFrantisek Farnik, Astronomical Institute,Czech Republic
Angela Messina, University of Catania,ItalyAngela Iovino, INAF-OABrera
Tamas Kiss, London,UKBianca Garilli, IASF-Milano
Paola Marziani, INAF,Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova,ItalyMichal Sobotka, Astronomical Institute,Czech Republic
Norman Gray, University of Glasgow,UKsara cervai, Trieste University - Italy
Dario Maccagni, INAF,ItalyRoberto Nesci, Universita' La Sapienza Roma
Antonella Bandiera, Univ. TriesteRicardo Gil-Hutton, Complejo Astronˇmico El Leoncito,Argentina
Nanda Rea, CSIC - Spainvalentina capogrosso, italy
Jan Fuchs, Czech RepublicLaura norci, Dublin City University,Ireland
Marcella Marconi, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte NAGerhard Hahn, DLR Berlin,Germany
Olga Cucciati, L.A.M.,FranceGrigor Nikolov, Sofia University,Bulgaria
Giuseppe Leto, INAF-OACataniaAzzedine Lakhlifi, Univ. Franche-ComtÚ - France
Ca˝ada Assandri Marcela I., Universidad Nacional de San Juan,ArgentinaHana Meszarosova, Astronomical Institute,Czech Republic
Vasilij Shevchenko, IA,Kharkiv Karazin University,UkraineJoseph Schwarz, ESO
Carlotta Gruppioni, INAF-OABolognaDmitrij Lupishko, Kharkiv Karazin National University,Ukraine
Petr Hellinger, Astronomical Institute,Czech RepublicChiara Ghidini, Fundazione Bruno Kessler
Pavel Travnicek, Astronomical Institute,Czech RepublicGiovanna Scardino, Italia
Ulises CortÚs, Techinical University of Catalonia (Spain)Michael Fitzpatrick, NOAO,USA
Giovanna Scardino, italiaAles Bezdek, Astronomical Institute ASCR,Czech Republic
Gianluigi Bodo, INAF-OATorinoGaspar Galaz, Astronomy and Astrophysics Dpt. PUC,Chile
Vania Da Deppo , CNR-IFN Padova ItalyPaola Cescutti, University of Trieste /Italy
Vania Lorenzi, FGG-TNGN. Paul M. Kuin, UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Aneta Fuchsovß, Czech RepublicAnnalisa Falace, University of Trieste Italy
Ivana Orlitova, Astronomical Institute of ASCR,Czech RepublicVincenzo BELLINI, UniversitÓ di Catania - Italy
Rosaria (Sara) Bonito, Universita' di Palermo-INAF-OA Palermofrancesco sironi, collegio ingegneri milano
Umberto Lombardo, UniversitÓ di Catania (ITALY)Mauro ROMA, INAF-IRA / Bologna
Antonino Foti, UniversitÓ di Catania (Italy)Chris Arridge, University College London,UK
daniela campo, italySabina Sabatini, INAF-IASF Roma
Eleonora Sani, INAF-OA Arcetri (IT)Enzo Natale, Italy
Marcello Lodi, TNG-INAFMatilde Trevisani, University of Trieste,Italy
Milcho Tsvetkov, Institute of Astronomy,BAS,BulgariaSergio Cellone, FCAG-UNLP & IALP-CONICET/UNLP,Argentina
Richard Shaw, National Optical Astronomy Observatory,USAMoreels Guy, University of Franche-ComtÚ
Vivekananda Moosani, VO-India,Persistent Systems,India Lindsey Davis, NRAO / USA
Heinz Andernach, DA-UGTO,MexicoBill Baker, NCSA,University of Illinois
Anastassia Brodotskaia, RussiaDerian Jes˙s Dorado-Daza, Colombia
Francesco La Barbera, INAF-OACFrancesco Califano, Univ. Pisa
Michael Wise, ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)Ignacio Garcia de la Rosa, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias / Spain
Patrizia Ferrero, Instituto de Astrofisica de CanariasAngela Bongiorno, MPE Germany
gianni marconi, ESOWilliam Pence, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Andrey Danilenko, Ioffe Physical-Technical InstituteTom Bania, IAR,Boston University,USA
Pierre Henri, Paris Observatory (France) / Pisa Univ. (Italy)Peter Shternin, Ioffe Institute,Russian Federation
Cesar Augusto Caretta, Universidad de Guanajuato,MexicoYagudin Leonid, Pulkovo Observatory. Russia
Fabio Zyserman, FCAG-UNLP & CONICET,ARGENTINAMangeney Andre, Observatoire de Paris
Favio Ra˙l Faifer, FCAG,UNLP-IALP (Argentina)Ricardo Morras, Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia,Argentina
Vahram Chavushyan, INAOE,MexicoMarcel Carbillet, Lab. Fizeau,UNS/CNRS/OCA,France
Antonio Marinelli, I.N.F.N. PisaEstela Brandi, FCAG-UNLP-CIC-IALP (Argentina)
Bruce Berriman, IPAC,CaltechOlga Pevunova, USA
Rene Fassbender, MPEMaria Eugenia Gomez, FCAGLP-UNLP Argentina
Luca Zampieri, INAF-PadovaThierry Passot, CNRS,Observatoire de la C˘te d'Azur/France
Liz Herta Beretta, ItalyLuis Vega, Universidad de Valparaiso - Chile
Zdenek Kamenik, Academy os Sciences,Czech RepublicDavid L. Newman, University of Colorado (USA)
Juan Carlos Muzzio, Universidad Nacional de La Plata,ArgentinaDrossart Pierre, Director of LESIA,Observatoire de Paris
Alexander Schekochihin, University of Oxford,UKDaniele Del Sarto, IJL,UniversitÚ de Nancy,France
Paola Avanzini, ItalyNorbert Christlieb, University of Heidelberg
Alexandrova Olga, Observatoire de Paris,FranceAna Mariai Orsatti, Universidad de La Plata,Argentina
Michele Fumagalli, UCSC,USAHÚctor Vucetich, Observatorio Astronˇmico - UNLP - ARGENTINA
Ambra Prearo, ItalyOlivier Le Contel, France
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Anna Migliaccio, ItalyMaria Rosa Beccia, UniversitÓ di Pisa,Italia
luis carrasco, INAOE - Puebla - MexicoRoy Gal, Insitute for Astronomy,United States
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Andrea Omicini, ItalyFederico Giudici, FCAGLP Argentina
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Andrea Zacchei, INAF-OATs,Trieste,ItalyPeter Boyce, Maria Mitchell Association,USA
Laura Ferrarese, NRC/HIA,CanadaChiara Ferrari, Observatoire de la C˘te d'Azur,France
Marco Scocchi , Univ. Trieste,ItalyMorris Davis Davis, USA
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Adrian Brunini, Observatorio de La Plata,ArgentinaZHANG Feng-Shou, Beijing Normal University,China
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Ken Ebisawa, JAXA/ISASRobert Seaman, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (USA)
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GORI Didier, France - CNRSGiuseppina Fabbiano, Harvard-Smithsonian,USA
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Atteia Jean-Luc, Observatoire Midi-PyrÚnÚes,FranceHsiang-Kuang Chang, National Tsing Hua University,Taiwan
Fernique Pierre, Strasbourg ObservatoryPascal Dubois, Observatoire de Strasbourg,France
LUIGI PAPALEO, I.N.A.F. NOTO "MANGIAPANE A TRADIMENTO"Katia Montironi, ESO - European Southern Observatory
Raffaella Margutti, INAF-OAB,ItalyChiara Ceccobello, University of Ferrara
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Sergei Popov, Sternberg Astronomical Institute,RussiaRyo Kandori, National Astronomical Observatory,Japan
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Takayuki Hayashi, NAOJ,JapanDr. Handler Gerald, Institute of Astronomy,Vienna University,Austria
Nobuhiro Okabe, JapanJoana Santos, INAF-OATS / Italy
Mel Krokos, United KingdomKoji Noda, Japan
Hiroyuki Takahashi, National Astronomical Observatory of JapanEkaterina Kasimova, South Federal University,Russia
DANIA VECCHIA, ITALYMiguel Verdugo, Max-Plack Institute,Germany
Werner W. Weiss, Institute for Astronomy,University of Vienna,AuAlbert Ca˝ellas i PagŔs, Universitat de Barcelona
Mitsuhiko Honda Dr., Kanagawa Univ.Takashi Hasegawa, Gunma Astronomical Observatory
Scherbakova Elena, Hamburg UniversityAndrea V. Ahumada, ESO (Chile) + CONICET (Argentina)
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Alma Angela Marino, Liceo Scientifico V. Cuoco NaplesPaul Ricker, University of Illinois (USA)
Shigeki Inoue, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)Francesco Malara, Universita' della Calabria,Italy
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Andrea Rossi, TLS Tautenburg/GermanyTsunehito Kohyama, Osaka University (Japan)
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Simona Giacintucci, CfA,Cambridge,USAJaroslav Honsa, Academy of Science,Czech Republic
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Bonfils Xavier, FranceDougados Catherine, CNRS France
Frank Dionies, GermanyKnud Jahnke, MPIA,Germany
Susanna Parenti, FrHiroki Amakatsu, Japan
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Andrea Verdini, Royal Observatory of Belgium,BelgiumChristophe Vieren, Univ. LIlle1 France
Anne Gruenewald, GermanyAlessandra Pavan, Italy
Roux Alain, FranceLuca Teriaca, Germany
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Alexander Warmuth, AIP,GermanyJenny Carter, UK
Valentina Braito, Universty of Leicester,UKCristina Gabellieri, Belgium
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Andy Lawrence, University of Edinburgh,UKLucia Ballo, IFCA,Spain
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Serena Bernacchi Serena, IBMC StrasbourgStanislava Simberova, Academy of Sciences,Czech republic
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Adriana Mancini Pires, IAG/USP,BrazilDavid Kevorkian, Italy
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Miguel Chavez-Dagostino, INAOE-MexicoSergio Ricciarini, INFN Firenze,Italy
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Rob Beswick, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics,UKAndrey Sidorenko, IFP,TU Wien,Austria
Steffen Mieske, ESOHajime Kawahara Dr, TMU,Japan
ventura maria angeles, Inserm FranceSilvano Molendi, INAF Italy
Giovanna Maria Stirpe, INAF-OA BolognaJan Brand, INAF-IRA,Italy
Alessandro Costa, INAF CataniaAlessia Tricomi, Universita' di Catania
Mathieu Servillat, Harvard-Smithsonian CfAAlessandro Patruno, University of Amsterdam,The Netherlands
Pasquale Blasi, INAF/ArcetriEelco van Kampen, ESO
Liz Humphreys, ESORaffaella Schneider, INAF/Arcetri,Italy
Tomas Bayer, Czech RepublicNozomu Tominaga, Konan University
Robert Dunn, EXC,TUM,GermanyBettina Posselt, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
Jessica SamorŔ, ItalyFilip Kadlec, Institute of Physics,Academy of Sci. Czech Rep.
Alina Streblyanska, Instituto de Fisica de CantabriaAlberto Micol, ESO
Dirk Petry, European Southern ObservatoryNicolas Santos Lalla, GEA,Argentina
Gianna Vivaldo, IFSI-TO,ItalyJack Sulentic, Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia,Spain
de Marcillac Pierre, CNRS FranceDaniel Batcheldor, Florida Institute of Technology
Lisa Brunetti, UniversitÚ LumiŔre Lyon 2,FranceJohan Fynbo, Niels Bohr Institute
Susanna Spiro, UniversitÓ di Roma Giovanni Piano, UniversitÓ di Roma
Paola Michela Andreani, European Southern ObservatoryPaul Gorenstein, USA
Giovanni De Cesare, IASF-INAF/Rome ItalyXavier Barcons, IFCA (CSIC-UC),Spain
Giovanni Novara, INAF,MilanoYutaka Shiratori, Japan
Nobuyuki Kawai, Tokyo Tech,JapanNoesl-Grotsch Arlette, University of LiŔge,Belgium
Appourchaux Thierry, FranceZwintz Konstanze, University Vienna,Austria
Ramiro Franco, AIfA University of Bonn,GermanyAnnalisa Calamida, ESO
Mosser Benoit, Observatoire de Paris,FranceIkuru Iwata, NAOJ,Japan
Kengo Tomida, NAOJ,JapanRobert Rood, University of Virginia
Daniele Malesani, Niels Bohr Institute,DenmarkOscar Adriani, UniversitÓ di Firenze
Patrick Boumier, CNRS FranceDavid Crampton, DAO,Canada
Claudia AlborÚs, Casleo - ArgentinaMarco Scodeggio, INAF IASF Milano,Italy
Marica Valentini, AGO-ULg Liege,BelgiumR. Michael Rich, UCLA United States
Francesca Serafino, ItaliaRaffaele Di Stefano, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Ignasi Ribas, ICE,CSIC,SpainJunfeng Wang, Harvard-Smithsonian,USA
Joris Blommaert, KU Leuven,BelgiumSergio Restaino, NRL/USA
Raymond Plante, USARoy Ostensen, KU Leuven
B.L. de Vries, KU Leuven,BelgiumAnne Marie Hubert, France
Hillen Michel, KULeuven Belgium Alessandro Retin˛, Austrian Academy of Sciences ,Graz,Austria
Edoardo BALLO, ItalyRiccardo Campana, INAF,Roma
Robin Lombaert, KULeuven,BelgiumPierre Magain, University of Liege,Belgium
steen hansen, dark cosmology centre,denmarkAndy Biggs, ESO
Enrico Povolo, ItalySilvia Alencar, UFMG,Brasil
Simone Valtieri, ItalyRosa Dominguez-Tenreiro, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid,Spain
Giuseppina Nigro, Dept. di Fisica UNICAL,ItalyAlessio Bocci, University of Seville
Loris Magnani, University of Georgia,USAMarcello Romagnoli, UniversitÓ di Modena e Reggio Emilia
cinthia ragone, argentinaSANTIAGO ARRIBAS, CSIC,Spain
Nicola La Palombara, INAF - IASF MilanoAcke Bram, KULeuven
Ramiro de la Reza, Observatorio nacional/MCT- BrasilPetr Hadrava, Academy of Sciences,Czech Rep.
Claudio Pereira, Observatorio Nacional/MCT - BrazilRoyer Pierre, K.U.Leuven,Belgium
Frank Primini, Harvard-Smithsonian USAScarna HÚlŔne, France
Gianfranco Magni, INAF - IASF RomaSandro Mereghetti, INAF Italy
Maria Messineo, The NetherlandsKarin Sparber, Italy
Eugenia DÝaz-GimÚnez, ArgentinaLeen Decin, K.U.Leuven,Belgium
Marco de Vos, ASTRON,The NetherlandsMassimiliano Nobile, Italy
Walter Boschin, Spainscafa maurizio, ITALIA arce (FR)
diletta bettarini, italianEmanuel Sainz, Observatorio Astronˇmico de Cˇrdoba,Argentina
Toshiyuki Sasaki, Subaru Telescope,JapanMary Picone, Associate Professor,EHESS,France
Yoshiyuki Yamada, Kyoto UniversityStefano Meschiari, University of California,Santa Cruz
Maxim Markevitch, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA,USAQueloz Didier, Geneva University,Switzerland
Valery Rashkov, Bulgaria/USAJean Christophe, KULeuven,Belgium
Xavier Prochaska, UC Santa CruzPatricia de la Fuente, Argentina
Dante Javier Paz, Observatorio Astronˇmico de Cˇrdoba,ArgentinaClaire Dorman, UC Santa Cruz
Hiroyuki Hirashita, ASIAA,TaiwanHiroaki Menjo, INFN Firenze,Italy
BAGLIN Annie, Observatoire de Paris FranceElena Masciadri, INAF/Arcetri
Roberto Della Ceca, Osservatorio Astronomico di BreraYoshitaka Itow, STEL,Nagoya University,Japan
Silvia Marinoni, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di BolognaGiovanni Verri, Iceland
Sarah Hatchuel, Le Havre,FranceDaniela Longhino, UK,Italy
Hiroshi Imai, Kagoshima University,JapanEnke Harry, AIP,Germany
pierre-olivier petrucci, LAOG franceJunichi Watanabe, Japan
Caterina Fratea, UniversitÓ di Verona/ItalyAzzurra Spreafico, Italy
Daniele Spada, ItalyEvangelia Ntormousi, USM,Germany
Tiziana Venturi, INAF,IRA,ItalyDavide Vasco, Institut fuer Astronomie und Astrophysik Tuebingen,Germany
Kazuo Hiroi, Kyoto University,Japanbillard herve, france
Alain KerhervÚ, Brest,FranceYann BOUCHER, France
valentina franceschi, university of parma,italiaBallet Pascal, University of Brittany,France
carla migliorino, italiaGrazia Spatafora, Italy
Filippo D'Ammando, INAF-IASF Palermo,ItalyJohn O'Meara, Saint Michael's College,VT,USA
Hiroko Ito, NAOJ,Japanturck-chieze sylvaine, france
Alessandro Spagna, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di TorinoMonica Michlin, Paris-Sorbonne
Lebreton Yveline, Observatoire de Paris FranceMassimo Miozzi, INSEAN - Italy
Gaviano Marie-Pierre, Franche-ComtÚ University FranceSauvons la recherche Let's save resaerch, French organization
FrÚdÚric Baudin, IAS Orsay,Francealessandra ciattini, Italy
Licio da Silva, BrasilIvan Bustos Fierro, OA Cordoba,Argentina
Alena Hadravova, Academy of Sciences,Czech RepublicSarah Dorman, USA
Bompard-Porte MichŔle, UBO. FranceBorer Matthias, Universite Nantes,France
Francesca Bulleri, ItaliaDelarue FrÚdÚric, France
Federico Frascoli, Brain Sciences Institute,AustraliaNobutoshi Yasutake, Japan
Barthelemy Michel, Cnrs,FranceAngie Wolfgang, University of California,Santa Cruz,USA
Angelo INGARAO, FranceMarco Fumagalli, UniversitÓ degli Studi,Milano,Italia
Pierre-Louis Sulem, Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur,FranceTourniaire Franck, France
Aerts Conny, KULeuven,BelgiumRositsa Miteva, AIP,Germany
Stefan Uttenthaler, BelgiumENCLOS Philippe, Enseignant-chercheur en Droit,UniversitÚ Lille 2,
Gaetano Sardina, DMA Sapienza Rome/ItalyMayumi Matsunaga, Ehime University,Japan
Alberto Michelini, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaOndrej Sevecek, Institute of Philosophy AS CR,Prague,Czech Rep.
Paul O'Brien, University of LeicesterValentina Ferro, University of Catania,Catania,Italy
Carmen De Martino, IAC,SpainWei Zuo, IMP,China
Alessandro Biancalani, GermanyFrancesca Meloni, McGill University,Canada
Simone Natale, UniversitÓ di Torino,Italialefloch bertrand, Observatoire de Grenoble,France
Luisa Fasulo, EBRI,Roma,ItalyGraziano Ferrari, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Boris Behncke, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaSilvia Pondrelli, Italy
Walter D'Alessandro, INGV-Pa ItalyRoberto Basili, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Francesca Bianco, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaLuciano Zuccarello, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Eugene Epstein, U.S.Adrian Melott, USA
luisa valoroso, INGV,ItalyTom Gehrels, University of Arizona
Giovanni Covone, UniversitÓ Aaron Golden, National University of Ireland,Galway
Vincenzo Romano, INGV,ItalyEva Grebel, University of Heidelberg,Germany
fornaciai alessandro, italyDominique Naef, Observatoire de GenŔve,Switzerland
Umbertp Fracassi, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaJean-Louis Heudier JLH, France
JiřÝ Kubßt, Astronomical Insitute Ondřejov,Czech RepubliJulien Brossard, CNRS-IN2P3 (Orsay,France)
Kullervo Nurmi, FinlandJackie Gerstein, US
Ruben Farinelli, Universita' di Ferrara,ItalyPietro Bonfanti, INGV - Italy
Panos Niarchos, University of Athens,GreeceGiulio Di Toro, UniversitÓ di Padova - Italy
GIOVANNI MUSCARI, ITALYtatiana di iorio, italy
leon gravestock, united kingdomAldo Altamore, Dipartimento di Fisica UniversitÓ Roa Tre
Genny Giacomuzzi, ingvMartin Zwaan, ESO
Luca Pizzino, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaDan Werthimer, University of California,Berkeley
Carlo Alberto Brunori, INGVGilberto Saccorotti, INGV,Italy
Barbara Castello, INGV - ItalyDiana Latorre, ingv,Italy
claudio calviani, Firenze,ItaliaClaudia D'Oriano, INGV,Italy
John Conway, Chalmers University of Technology,SwedenARFA Mondher, France
Stefano Lorito, INGV ItalyTony Hurst, GNS Science
Marcello Romani, ItalyFedora Quattrocchi, INGV
Audier henri, CNRS-FrancePhilippe Mathias, Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees,France
Philippe Zarka, CNRS - FranceGiuseppe Riccio, Italy
Maria Cunningham, University of New South Wales,AustraliaMasato Tsuboi, ISAS JAPAN
Renato Silveira, BrazilErnesto Borges, UFBA,Brazil
Yoshimi Kitamura, ISAS/JAXA,JapanDimitra Atri, University of Kansas
Aldo Winkler, INGV - ItalyGuangxiong Peng, IHEP-China
Harinder Singh, University of Delhi,IndiaTakamitsu Miyaji, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Jes˙s M. Ibß˝ez, UGR. SpainFujimoto Mitsuaki, Japan
Spyros Kitsionas, GreeceEllis George, South Africa
Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, GreeceStefania Danesi, INGV,Italy
Masachika Kijima, SOKENDAI/JapanElisabetta Giani, INAF-OAA (Italy)
Massimo Russo, IMGV - Osservatorio Vesuvianomarco aloisi, istituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologia
Francesco Paolo Marchione, INGV-PA / ItalyChust Thomas, France
andrea tertulliani, ingv,italySilvia Galano, Italy
Michele Cantiello, INAF-OA Teramo,ItalyAldo Di Sanza, INGV,Italia
Beatrice Panico, RomaLucilla Alfonsi, INGV
Alessandro Amato, INGV - ItalyMichiel Hogerheijde, Leiden University,The Netherlands
Margherita Polacci, INGV,ItalyLicia Faenza, INGV,Italy
Giuseppe Salerno, INGVAgnese Migliardi, UniversitÓ di Padova,Italy
Iacopo Nicolosi, INGV,ItalyLorenzo Brusca, INGV-PA / ITALY
Gianlorenzo Franceschina, INGV-MIPVSimone Salimbeni, INGV
Pasquale De Gori, INGVEttore Marilli, INAF-Catania (Italy)
Lesage Philippe, University of Savoie,FranceMara Monica Tiberti, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Micol Todesco, INGV BolognaSergio Vinciguerra, INGV,Italy
Eugenio Privitera, INGV - ItalyFederica Riguzzi, Istituto nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia,It
Sabrina Riva, ItalyDaniele Bonacorsi, Italy
Masahide Takada-Hidai, Tokai Univ. JapanRoberto Bruno, INAF-IFSI,Italy
Christian Motch, CNRS Observatoire e StrasbourgMarco Gambetta, Italy
Mariano Maistrello, INGV-Sezione di MilanoMartine Logossou-Jacot, ISDC-Univ.Geneva Switzerland
Stefania Lepidi, INGV - ItalyAntonio Avallone, INGV-Italy
fabrizio romano, ingvGuidetta Torricelli, INAF Italy
roquefort philippe, UBO,Brest,FranceMaria Goudi, UniversitÚ Stendhal,France
antonella longo, italyPaolo Augliera, INGV - Italy
Laura Sandri, INGV-BO,ItalyMaria Gabriella Castellano, IFN-CNR,Italy
Chiara Montagna, INGV Pisa,ItalyHorst Langer, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia,It
Jiri Svoboda, Astronomical Institute of AS of Czech RepublicAntonio Paonita, INGV-PA
Louis De Barros, IrelandRoberto Devoti, INGV,Roma,Italy
Ryoichi Nishi, Niigata,JapanPietro Cassaro, INAF IRA Noto
Marco Tullio, ItalyPakull Manfred, CNRS,Observatoire de Strasbourg,France
Laura Gulia, INGV,ItalyFabio Villani, INGV,Rome - Italy
Cristina Lagatolla, University of Trieste - ItalyPORTO Francesco, UNIVERSITA' di Catania (DFA)
Jean-Francois Roux, UniversitÚ de Savoie - FranceManfredi Longo, INGV Italia
Davide Piccinini, INGV,ItalyChristina Plainaki, INAF-IFSI / Italy
Marco Molinaro, INAF - OA TriesteQuintilio taccetti, INGV
Oleg Vaisberg, Russia,IKI RASKretzschmar Matthieu, CNRS/University of OrlÚans,france
Ingrid Hunstad, INGVGian Paolo Tozzi, INAF - Italy
Hiromi Shibata, Kyoto University/JapanAnna Gallazzi, MPIA - Germany
Berthelier Jean-Jacques, FranceStefan Nielsen, Italy
M.Teresa Mariucci, INGV,ItalyAlessandra Zanichelli, INAF - IRA,Italy
Antonio Troisi, UniversitÓ di SalernoUgo Rizzo, italy
Giuliana Russano, ItalyRichard Wunsch, Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Cze
MarÝa Eva RamÝrez, SpainVincenzo Convertito, INGV-OV
Manolis Rovilos, MPE,GermanyPeter Wurz, Univ.Bern,Switzerland
Tristano Di Girolamo, Universita` di Napoli Nicola Bartolo, Dip. di Fisica G. Galilei Padova
George Seabroke, MSSL,UCL,UKRobin Annie, Observatoire de Besancon,France
M.Teresa Ceballos, IFCA/SpainMonreal Ibero Ana, IAA,Spain
BelÚn Lˇpez MartÝ, Centro de AstrobiologÝa/SpainM. Angeles Martinez, IUMA-University of Zaragoza,Spain
Alejandro Ramˇn Ballesta, IAA,SpainRiccardo Smareglia, INAF-OATs
Javier Lopez-Santiago, UCM,SpainFrancisco Jimenez Esteban, CAB (INTA-CSIC)
Manuel Cornide, Universidad Complutense/SpainPeter Wahlstr÷m, Univ.Bern,Switzerland
Jesus Maldonado Prado, UAM,SpainLorenzo Bonechi, Dip. Fisica,Univ. di Firenze
Rosa Rodriguez Gasen, Dep. Astronomia i Meteorologia,Universitat de BarcelonaAndres Asensio Ramos, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (Spain)
Carlos Rodrigo, CAB/SpainLuis Bellot Rubio, IAA (CSIC),Spain
Manuel Vazquez, IAC,Tenerife,SpainNieves Castro-RodrÝguez, IAC/Spain
Emilio J. Alfaro Navarro, IAA-CSIC SpainFabio Zandanel, IAA-CSIC
Luis Sarro, UNED/SpainPierluigi Monaco, Universita` di Trieste
David Orozco Suarez, NAOJ,Mitaka,JapanIsabel Marquez, IAA-CSIC
Paco Najarro, SpainLuisa Valdivielso, IAC/Spain
Jairo Mendez-Abreu, IAC/SpainAlfonso Nocella, Unina Italy
Emmanuelle Perret, Observatoire de StrasbourgJaime Zamorano, UCM / SPAIN
Jonay I. Gonzßlez Hernßndez, IAC/SPAINVasiliki Petropoulou, IAA-Spain
Ascensiˇn del Olmo, IAA-CSIC,SpainGiovanni Greco, Italy
Sinue Serra, UB-SpainRam˛n Schifano, University of Oslo,Norway
Francesca Panessa, IASF - Rome (INAF)Manel Martinez, IFAE Barcelona,Spain
Octavi Fors, University of Barcelona,SpainAndrea Fantini, Bologna - Italy
Eduardo Ros Ibarra, Uni. Valencia/Spain & MPIfR/GermanyNestor Sanchez, IAA-CSIC,Spain
Cristina De La GuÝa, CIEMAT,SpainMarco Azzaro, IAA-Spain
Giuseppe Longo, UNiversity Federico II,NapoliJavier Gorgas, Univ. Complutense. Madrid,Spain
Silvia Mateos, University of Leicester (UK)Anibal Garcia-Hernandez, IAC-Spain
Francisco Colomer, OAN-IGN,SpainMihir Desai, SwRI/USA
Juan Antonio Fernßndez Ontiveros, SpainElsa de Cea, IEEC-CSIC,Spain
marco congedo, CNRS/FranceMiquel Trias, UIB,Spain
Amelia Ortiz Gil, OAUVMiguel Angel Requena Torres, MPIfR,Germany
Miguel ┴ngel Aloy-Torßs, University of Valencia / SpainLuca Fiorini, IFAE Barceona/Spain
Charmaine Lee, Unversity of Salerno,ItalyFrancisco J. Carrera, IFCA (CSIC-UC),Spain
Alessia Romano, Unina ItaliaBeatriz Mingo, University of Hertfordshire,UK
Riccardo Nocella, Naples,Italy. UninaTeresa Gallego, IAA-CSIC
Ignacio Gonzalez, IAC-SpainValerio Rossetti, IFAE - Barcelona
Jorge Casares, IAC,SpainMarcello Giroletti, INAF/IRA,Bologna,Italy
jose diego, ifcaRaffaella Anna Marino, UCM & CAHA /Spain
Sanchez Federico, IFAE,Barcelona,SpainLuis J. Goicoechea, Univ. Cantabria,Spain
Isabel Cordero-Carriˇn, MPA Garching,GermanyAlcione Mora, Spain
Pablo Cassatella, University of SouthamptonDaniel Espada, IAA-CSIC/ Spain
Antonio Talavera Iniesta, ESAC - SPAINRamon Oliver, Univ. Balearic Islands,Spain
Ignacio Negueruela, Universidad de Alicante/SpainStefan Klepser, IFAE,Spain
Hongfei Zhang, Lanzhou University,P.R.ChinaMichele Samaja, University of Milan
Pablo Arnalte-Mur, Univ. of Valencia,SpainJosefa Masegosa, IAA-CSIC
Lobanov Andrei, Max=Planck-Gesellschaft,GermanySilvia Maria Pellegrini, Italia - Lazio - Frosinone
Jose R. Espinosa, ICREA @ IFAE. Barcelona,SpainRamon Miquel, IFAE,Barcelona
Estel Perez, IFAE-BarcelonaCarme Gallart, (IAC) Spain
Cristina Razzari, UniversitÓ degli Studi di MilanoThomas Moore, NASA Goddard SFC
Vittorio Buscaglia, inGeo - ItalyAnnie Zavagno, LAM - France
Gessica Fontana, ItalyGiuseppe D'Ago, University of Naples
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salvatore de martino, italy university od salernoValerio Rossi Albertini, CNR,Italy
Gomez-Flechoso Maria A., UCM/SpainGiovanni d'Angelo, University of Naples Federico II,Italy
Federico Vessella, UniversitÓ della TusciaCathy Horellou, Onsala Space Observatory,Sweden
Philip England, University of OxfordFabio Dercole, Politecnico di Milano,Italy
Giusy Sala, Italy,University of MilanEva Villaver, UAM,Spain
Manuel Fino, University of CASSINOElisa Nespoli, University of Valencia/ Spain
Garcia Miriam, IACEoin Murphy, University College Cork,Ireland
nadia toppi, University of MilanPablo Fosalba, ICE,CSIC-IEEC
Artemio Herrero, IAC-ULLAda Ortiz Carbonell, University of Oslo-Norway
Ioannis Daglis, NOA/ISARS,GreeceKok Hendrika, Switzerland
Raffaella D'Amicis, INAF-IFSI,ItalyFabio Ronci, CNR,Italy
Bruno Binggeli, University of Basel,SwitzerlandVojtech Sidorin, Cardiff University
Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, INAF-OAB,ItalyMargarita Hernanz, ICE,CSIC-IEEC
Giuliana Dettori, ITD-CNR,ItalyMaria Teresa Capria, INAF - IASF,Italy
Matteo Cavalli-Sforza, SpainJulia Campa, Ciemat,Spain
Cristina Espa˝a, UPC/BarcelonaFrancesca Barnaba, ISAC-CNR,Roma
Salvatore Esposito, UniversitÓ di Napoli Jose F. Rojas, Spain
Iannis Dandouras, CESR/CNRS,FranceDiego Garcia-Appadoo, ESO
Alessandro Bruschi, CNR,ITALYYoko Kebukawa, CIW,USA
Shuqing Guo, ChinaSperello di Serego Alighieri, INAF-OAA
Anna Sanpera, Un. Autonoma Barcelona Fernando Congeduti, ISAC-CNR,Roma
Gloria Delgado Inglada, INAOEAina Palau, ICE,CSIC-IEEC
Olivier Coux, FranceSilvia Leurini, MPIfR/Germany
Carlo Ferri, SpainMario Crippa, Italy
gustavo Yepes, Professor at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spainlisa pericoli, italy UniversitÓ di Macerata
Stefano Santini, UniCredit SpA - ItalyMarianna verona, italy
Gael SentÝs Herrera, Un. Autonoma BarcelonaManel Perucho Pla, Universitat de ValŔncia
David Montes, UCMHans Deeg, IAC,Spain
maria rosaria marella, university of perugia (italy)Pascual David Diago Nebot, Observatori Astron˛mic/VIU Spain
Antonella Tarana, INAF/IASF-RomaGiuseppe Cutispoto, INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Brian Thomas, Washburn University,USAAndrea Tarchi, INAF-OAC,Cagliari (Italy)
Roberto Silvotti, INAF-OATo,Pino Torinesekatia armon, italy
Carlos Meliveo, SpainGiorgio Bellia, Dip Fisica e Astronomia - Catania - Italia
Maria Battagli, ItalySnels Marcel, ISAC - Roma - Italy
Neus Agueda, University of California,BerkeleyAntonio Cava, IAC - Spain
Raffaele Azzaro, INGV,ItalyKonstantina Katsanou, Greece
Mark Krumholz, University of California,Santa Cruz,USANuria Huelamo, CAB/Spain
Christodoulos Kyriakopoulos, INGV,ItalyAna Guijarro, Observatorio Calar Alto,Spain
Samanta Bianchi, Monza,ItalyPriscilla Canizares, Institute of Space Science,Spain
Fabrizio Ricci, CNR / Roma / ItalyOscar Gonzßlez, Observatorio La Hita,Spain
Faustino Organero, Observatorio La Hita,SpainMarc Ribo, Universitat de Barcelona
Ricardo Genova-Santos, Instituto de Astrofisica de CanariasJavier Moldon, Universitat de Barcelona
Fatemeh Tabatabaei, GermanyAngel Ruiz, OAB-INAF
Ethan Schreier, AUI, USAPietro Massignan, Institute of Photonic Sciences - Barcelona
Zimmermann ValÚrie, CNRSEmilio Martines, CNR,Italy
Marco Giuranna, IFSI/INAF - Rome,ITALYFriedrich-K. Thielemann, University of Basel,Switzerland
Ettore Minardi, ItalyNatividad Luengo Oroz, IGN,Spain
Diana D÷rr, GermanyIsabelle Gavignaud, AIP,Germany
Gianpiero Tagliaferri, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Breragwendolyn meeus, UAM,spain
Miguel Angel Luengo Oroz, Universidad Politecnica de MadridElisa Sßnchez-Casas , Espa˝a
JosÚ Sabater Montes, IAA-CSIC,SpainSandra Pizzarello, Arizona State University
Masayoshi Sekiguchi, Kisarazu National College of Technology,JapanKenta Matsuoka, Ehime University,Japan
Alessandro Riggio, INAF - Oss. Astronomico di CagliariTaro Matsuo, National Observatory of Japan
Alejandro Sßiz, Mahidol University,ThailandHagai Netzer, Tel Aviv University,Israel
DELLA SETA Flavio, Montpellier University,FranceTejfel Victor, Prof.,Fessenkov Astrophysical Institute,Kazakhstan
Hernandez Nicolas, Associate Professor,FranceCarla Prestigiacomo, Italia
Anna Painelli, Parma UniversityFabio Viola, Italia
Marco Fumagalli, ItalyAlessandro Ederoclite, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC),Spain
Giuseppe Salvia, ItaliaVincent Coulon, IGM Montpellier France
Iole Diliberto, INGV,ItalyMaria Bellini, Monza
Gabriele Azzaro, Alma Mater - UniversitÓ di BolognaSantos Pedraz, Centro Astronomico Hispano Aleman
FESQUET didier, CRBM,MONTPELLIER FrancePaolo Scudellaro, UniversitÓ Federico II di Napoli,Italy
Andrea Rovida, INGV,ItalySara Santarelli, UNIVPM Ancona
RodrÝguez-Espinosa JosÚ M., Instituto de AstrofÝsica de CanariasBarbara Bassotti, Italia
Anna Sardone, ItaliaElissavet Dotsika, Athens,Greece
Pietro Li Causi, UniversitÓ di Palermo-ITALIADescamps Simon, UniversitÚ Montpellier 2 France
marianna tomasello, italyAldo Ceriotti, CNR-IBBA
Rita Iocolano, PalermoRoberta Isceri, Italia
Carmen Lopez, IGN,SpainAlberto Fernandez-Soto, CSIC, Spain
Antonio Gentile, Unipa ItalyCristina Garay, Espa˝a
Enrico Serpelloni, INGV,ItalyPiffl Tilmann, AIP,Germany
Fraenz Markus, MPS,GermanyLuisa Migliorati, UniversitÓ Roma Sapienza,Italia
Pascal FEBVRE, FRANCESandro Bardelli, INAF-OABologna Italy
Carmen Rotolo, ItalyLuigi Badalucco, UniversitÓ di Palermo
Ursula Zimmermann, GermanyBruce O'Neel, None what so ever
Paola Bianciardi, UniversitÓ Milano ItalyGaetano Leto, universitÓ di palermo
Federico Stasyszyn, MPAJosep M. Paredes, Universitat de Barcelona
Ivan De Martino, Napoli,ItalyAmbra Lauria, Italy
Giuseppe Giaconia, UniversitÓ Palermo ItalyLuigi De Vivo, Roma,Italy
Motonori Hoshi, The Open Univ of JapanMatteo Di Ges¨, UniversitÓ di Palermo,Italy
Mario Gai, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di TorinoHron Josef, University of Vienna,Austria
Alerto Lobo, ICE-CSIC,SpainLaurence David, SAO,USA
Jeannette H÷finger, University of Vienna,AustriaSimone Recchi, Vienna University,Austria
Steve Lane, Lancaster UniversityPaolo Emilio Carapezza, UniversitÓ di Palermo
Loukas Vlahos, Aristotle University,Thessaloniki,GreeceVerena Baumgartner, University of Vienna,Austria
Rudolf Dvorak, University of ViennaClara Bonanno, UniversitÓ di Palermo,ITALIA
Irene Cordaro, FirenzeGirolamo Garofalo, UnversitÓ di Palermo (Italia)
Vasselon Thierry, IGMM,Montpellier,FranceGrazia Tagliavia, UniversitÓ Palermo
Nick Kylafis, University of Crete,GreeceFrancesc Vilardell, Universitat d'Alacant,Spain
Glatt Katharina, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut,Heidelberg,GermanyJose Fiestas, ARI-ZAH
Sophia Lianou, ARI,University of Heidelberg,GermanyAndreas Ernst, ARI-ZAH
Francesco Manna, UniversitÓ Federico IIJordi Katrin, ZAH,University Heidelberg
Golubov Oleksiy, ARI-ZAH,GermanyJennie Gilbert, UK
marina fiorini, italyvincenzo piacente, italy
Ke Chiang Hsieh, University of Arizona/USAAurelio Burgio, Italy
Angelo Buizza, ItalyAlessandra Di Maio, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Palermo
Ernst Dorfi, University of ViennaLuciano Mazziotta, Italia
Alessandro Ballone, ItalyMarta Serrpietri, Italy
Simone Dichiara, ItalySze Wei Ang, University of Hong Kong
Alessandra Lanotte, ISAC-CNR ItalyShinji Horiuchi, CDSCC/CSIRO,Australia
Ray Norris, CSIROClaudio Melo, ESO
Beate Christeleit, GermanyAndrea Bini, Italy
Hans-Heinrich Bernstein, ZAH,University HeidelbergMatthias Bartelmann, Heidelberg University
Cuziol Philippe, FranceFrederik Schoenebeck, Heidelberg University
Sonali Pahwa, Wissenschaftskolleg zu BerlinRaoul Haschke, Heidelberg University Germany
Thorsten Lisker, Heidelberg UniversityAnnette Kalusche, Germany
Giorgio Busoni, UniversitÓ di Firenzealessandra sgroi, italy
Roland Hering, Heidelberg Universitygiuseppe capobianchi, Italia
Alejandro Catalß EspÝ, SpainManuela Volpe, INGV,Italy
Simone Marzorati, INGVRosaria Tondi, INGV,Italy
Andreas Just, Heidelberg UniversityManuela Nazzari, INGV,Italy
Joao Alves, University of ViennaSimone Atzori, INGV
Federica Capranico, Heidelberg Universitydaniela fioretti, INMM - Italy
Vincenzo Colonna, ItalyBarbara Pasucci, IC-CNR Italy
Aram Giahi, Heidelberg UniversityPersson Carina, Onsala space observatory
Valentina Scipione, UniversitÓ di Bologna,ItalyDenija Crnojevic, University of Heidelberg,Germany
Gemma Musacchio, INGVTommaso Gallo, Italy
Alessia Mercuri, INGVAndrea Benaglia, UniversitÓ di Milano-Bicocca and INFN
Giorgios Michas, GreeceMichael Herbst, Heidelberg University
Laura Scognamiglio, ItalyDaniela Rinaldi, Italy
Sara Borelli, University of Illinois,ChicagoJean-Louis Leleu, Universite de Nice
Leriche Maud, CNRS FranceAnne Roth CongŔs, CNRS France
JACQ Bernard, CNRS Marseille (F)Aymon Kreil, UniversitÚ de NeuchÔtel (CH)
GÚrard STRELETSKI, universitaire Lyon 2 FranceSabine Juratic, CNRS Paris
Valentina Renar, ItalyPochat Stephane, Maitre de confÚrence,Nantes
German Gimeno, Gemini ObservatoryRabault-Feuerhahn Pascale, Tenured Researcher at CNRS,France
Pavel Koubsky, Astronomical Institute,OndrejovLucio Chiappetti, IASF/INAF Milano
Franšois Devreux, Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS (Francia)stella malamani, italy
Patrizia Macri', INGV-Romawenger marie-josÚ, france
Jean-Francis LOISEAU, Professor,UniversitÚ de Pau,FranceHelio Rocha-Pinto, UFRJ/Brazil
Nikos Lambrakis, Prof. University of PatrasHarry Pinkerton, Lancaster university,UK
Alejo Martinez-Sansigre, University of Oxfordluciano minacapelli, italia
Julie Sedivy, University of Calgary,Canadaangela ghirlanda, italy
Michael Lindqvist, Onsala Space ObservatoryRenato Di Raffaele, IASF INAF Palermo
elide mantuano, inmm-cnrgiampaolo vitali, ceris-cnr
Anastasia Alexov, UvA,The Netherlandsmelissa Vassalli, Ireland
Katalin Olah, Konkoly Observatory,HungaryBenedetta Tobagi, Italy
Edouard Bernard, University of Edinburgh,ScotlandNotni Peter, Germany
emanuele bohm, cnr italymirko massi, italy
Chaty Sylvain, University Paris Diderot CEA FranceThomas Posch, Vienna University,Austria
anna moroni, uni MIlanoVirginia Martina, ENEA Italy
Sluse Dominique, ARI-ZAH Heidelbergmartina demartin, INGV-Italy
Angela Erika Gularte Scarone, FCAGLP-UNLP/ArgentinaGabriele Gatti, UniversitÓ di Siena
Simone Porcelli, MilanoGiorgio Russo, CNR
Eyraud RÚmi, FranceMario Nobile, CNR
Oscar Moran, CNRPaul Bristow, ESO
Mauro Manno, CNR-IBF,Palermo (Italy)Francesca Di Lorenzo, Italy University of Palermo
Giovanna Tacconi, UniversitÓ di FirenzeMUROLO Claudio, UniversitÚ de Provence
Tommaso Ronconi, ItalyAlessandro Savino, Italy
Paulo Lopes, UFRJ/BrazilMichele Boldrin, Italy
serena bolletta, italyFernando Scarinci, IFN-CNR,Italy
stefano lagomarsino, cnrFrancesca R. Cinti, INGV,Italy
Alessandro Genoni, ICRM-CNR / ItalyRoberta Bagni, UniversitÓ degli Studi Roma Tre,Roma
Alessandra Lagomarsino, ItalyCarla Marchetti, IBF-CNR,Italy
Maria Mencarelli, ItalyFrancesco Gatta, Tor Vergata,Roma
Giuseppe Zucchelli, CNR-IBF ItalyAnna Luisa Ciapi, Universita' degli Studi di Milano,Italia
ALBA L'ASTORINA, ITALYGrazia Pietrini, UniversitÓ degli Studi Milano,Italy
Alberto Petri, CNR - ItalyJennings Robert, IUniversitÓ degli studi di Milano
Pierluigi Debernardi, IEIIT-CNR,Torino,ItalyLuca Reggiani, Politecnico di Milano
Fabrizio Bonani, Politecnico di Torino,ItalySara Mautino, IEIIT-CNR,Torino,Italy
Michele Goano, Politecnico di Torino,ItalyGiuseppe Pettiti, Italy
Carlo Riva, Politecnico di MilanoGiuseppe Virone, IEIIT-CNR,Turin,Italy
Fabio Chiarello, CNRAlessia Moretti, INAF/OaPD,Italy
Thimm Guido, University of Heidelberg,GermanyCilia Damiani, Osservatorio di Catania
Sante Cirant, IFP/CNR MilanoGiovanni Grossetti, IFP-CNR
Lorenzo Figini, IFP-CNR,Milano,ItalyClaudio Zunino, IEIIT-CNR
Marco Muselli, IEIIT-CNRCristina Arrigo, IEIIT-CNR
Alessandro Moro, IFP-CNR Milano - Italystefano iacobucci, CNR Italy
Chiara Marchetto, IFP-CNR,Milan,ItalyComte Georges, UniversitÚ de Nice
Tiziana Rolando, ItalyIgnacio Bermudez, Politecnico di Torino
Paolo Torelli, UniversitÓ di Verona,ItalyAna Paula Couto da Silva, Federal University of Juiz de Fora,Brazil
Paolo Falferi, FBK-CNRRenato Lo Cigno, Universita` di Trento
Giorgio Dilecce, CNR - IMIP ItalyDavide Cuda, IEIIT-CNR
Davide Pozza, Politecnico di TorinoCarla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Politecnico di Torino
Vittorio Rampa, IEIIT-CNRSimone Marini, IMATI-CNR,Italy
Niels Oskarsson, University of IcelandLoretta Gregorini, University of Bologna,Italy
Riccardo Albertoni, IMATI-CNR,ItalyChiara Manfredotti, UniversitÓ di Torino,Italy
Maurizio Albertoni, ItaliaStefania Erba, CNR-IRSA (Water Research Institute)
Anna Pasquali, Heidelberg UniversityMonica Pepe, CNR-IREA,Italy
michela mortara, CNR ItalySandro Bozzoli, UniversitÓ di Verona,Italy
Marco Mellia, Politecnico di TorinoAndrea Bianco, Politecnico di Torino
Alessandro Nordio, IEIIT-CNRSilvia Gross, CNR
Cristina D'Arrigo, CNRCarlo Gatti, CNR-ISTM,ITALY
Ilaria Catapano, CNR-IREA,ItalyPietro Tizzani, IREA -CNR (ITALY)
Carlo Izzo, ESO,Germanypadula marco, cnr-itc,italy
Tamai Roberto, ESOMaria C. Caputo, CNR-IRSA
Enrico Schiattarella, Cisco Systems,U.S.A.Gian Paolo Accotto, IVV-CNR Italy
Geri Cerchiai, CNR - ISPF,MilanoMaura Tombelli, Osservatorio Montelupo
Joyce Bonaccorsi, CNR-IN Luisa Simonutti, ISPF-CNR
paolo solimeno, italyJan Amend, USA
nicola cirillo, Slow MusicFrancesco Fontani, IRAM-ESO
Flavia Capodicasa, Secondary School Teacher,ITALYMauro Sambi, Italy
Sergio Cova, Politecnico di MilanoSimone Pogliani, Italy
Modigliani Andrea, ESOFilippo Maria zerbi, INAF Italy
Myriam Bardnio, United Kingdomsuzanne donini, CNR Italy
Laura Zaratin, Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri,ItalyFranco Faoro, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano
Vincenzo Mainieri, ESO,Germanygiovanni MITA, CNR ISPA
Fabrizio Cillo, CNR,ItalyMARIO MARINO, ITALY - Florence
Bastian Arnold, University of Vienna,AustriaOlive Frederic, UniversitÚ de Provence - France
Ip Wing, National Central University,TaiwanEmilio Sassone Corsi, Presidente Unione Astrofili Italiani
Roberto Beltramini, Gruppo Astronomico ViareggioLoreto Di Donato, Univ. Mediterranea Reggio Calabria
Elio Gullone, Milano ItalyManconi Andrea, IREA-CNR
Silvia Battini, Firenze ItalyManconi Silvia, Cagliari,Italia
Maria Paola Mocci, Cagliari,ItalyAlberto Vacca, Italy
Marianna Fontana, INFN UniversitÓ di CagliariDorothea Fonnesu, Sardinia,Italy
George Hau, ESORoberto Mulargia, UniversitÓ di Cagliari,Italy
Rosa Scapaticci, Napoli,ItalyFrancesca Dordei, UniversitÓ di Cagliari
Andrea Contu, University of Oxford,UKSara Intina, University of Cagliari (Sardinia) - Italy
Claudia Vacca, ItalyRenato Bozio, FacoltÓ di Scienze,UniversitÓ di Padova
Silvia Scali, ItalyCarla Figus, UniversitÓ di Cagliari
Riccardo Murgia, UniversitÓ di Cagliari (Sardegna)Silvia Vincis, University of Padua,Italy
FRANCESCA LOI, ITALIA,CAGLIARICarlo Flore, UniversitÓ di Cagliari,CDL Fisica
Diego Capozzi, Liverpool John Moores University,UKAngelo Viotti, CNR/Italy
Nicola Ulivieri, ItalyAntonella Leone, CNR,ISPA - Italy
Spartaco Capozzi, ItalyStefano Piraino, UniversitÓ del Salento
Trosko James, Michigan State UniversityUSAFrancesca Lepori, UniversitÓ di Cagliari - Italy
Andrea Mazzoleni, ItalyClaudio Motti, Italy
Silvia Rossi, IAG/University of Sao PauloRoberto Cid Fernandes, UFSC - Brasil
Abilio Mateus, UFSC/BrazilRaimundo Lopes de Oliveira, IFSC/USP-Brazil
Jorge Horvath, IAG-Sao Paulo U.Charles Bonatto, IF-UFRGS,Brasil
Braga Ribas Felipe, Obs Nacional/BrazilBruno Dias, IAG/USP,Brazil
Marildo Pereira, UEFS_BrasilLuciano Fraga, SOAR
Cesar Siqueira Mello, IAG/USP,BrazilMarina Trevisan, IAG/USP - Brasil
Marzia Maino, ItalyMarzia Maino, UniversitÓ di Padova - Italy
Rafael de Souza, IAG/USP-Brazilalessandra zanuso, italia
Diego Falceta-Goncalves, EACH/USP,BrazilLaerte Sodre, IAG-USP/Brazil
Roberto D.D. Costa, IAG/USP - BrazilRibamar Reis, IF-UFRJ/Brazil
Diego Tasselli, TS Corporation,Andrate (TO)Monica Marcon-Uchida, IAG/USP- Brazil,Univ. Trieste-Italy
Ronaldo da Silva, DAS/INPE - BrazilLeandro Guedes, Rio de Janeiro Planetarium/Brazil
Franšois Cuisinier, OV/UFRJ - BrazilJair Barroso Jr., Brazil
Marcelo GuimarŃes, UFSJ - BrazilJules Soares, Brazil
Pauline McGinnis, BrazilAlan de Oliveira, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto/Brazil
Ruben Aldrovandi, UNESP,BrazilAna Lucia Barbosa, Brazil
Antonio Candido C. GuimarŃes, Universidade de SŃo Paulo,BrazilCristian R. Ghezzi, UNS,Argentina
gerardo luna, CFA/USASergio D'Amico, Italy
Walter J. Maciel, IAG/USPDenise R. Goncalves, Observatˇrio do Valongo - UFRJ
tiziana calabr˛, italyMichael Pusch, CNR,Italy
Gianluigi Broleri astrogigi, ItalyAntonio Mario Magalhaes, IAG-Un. Sao Paulo
Rosa D'Acunti, ItalyLetÝcia D. Ferreira, OV/UFRJ. Brazil
Othon Winter, UNESP - BRAZILNilza Pires, UFRN / Brazil
Armando Bernui, Unifei - MG / BrasilVera Martin, UEFS,Brazil
Alessandro Vitale, CNR,IBBA,Italyluciana galetto, ivv- istituto di virologia vegetale
Alessandro Rosselli, ItalyGabriele Pezzulli, Italy
Elena Mason, ESO-ChilePaolo Caramante, Italy
Oliveri Elisabetta, ITC-CNR ItalyMartin Makler, CBPF/Brazil
Ulisse Barres de Almeida, University of Durham,UKElisa Ferreira, Brazil
Antonio Kanaan, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - BrasilAngelo Sironi, UNIMI,Italy
Aboudarham Jean, Paris Observatory,FranceSilvano Fuso, Genova,Italy
Michael Daniel, University of Durham,U.K.Giuliano Mazzini, Ist. Genetica Molecolare CNR -Pavia
Lowry McComb, Durham University,UKEduardo Cypriano, University of SŃo Paulo - Brazil
Maria D. Rodriguez Frias, Madrid,SpainItziar de Gregorio Monsalvo, European Southern Observatory,Chile
Andre Milone, INPE,BrazilDomingos Soares, UFMG,Brazil
Federica Mandreoli, UniversitÓ di Modena e Reggio EmiliaGianluca Groppelli, CNR-IDPA,Italy
Isabel Aleman, University of ManchesterElisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino, Brazil
Irineu Gomes Varella, Escola Municipal de AstrofÝsica,SŃo Paulo,BrazilTullio Pilati, ISTM-CNR,Italy
Silvio Quici, ISTMFrancesco Giunco, ISMAC-CNR,Italy
Matteo Maturi, ZAH,Heidelberg UniversityDaniela Toniolo, San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Massimo Viola, ZAH-ITA,Heidelberg (Germany)Laura Valentina Socco, Politecnico di Torino
Antonio Moretti, ISPA-CNRGastao Lima Neto, IAG/USP Brazil
Chiara Maccato, UniversitÓ di Padovagiovanni rota, cnr-ispf
M. Rosa Panzera, INAF MilanoGabriella Duca, Uni Napoli Federico II
Piero Caciagli, IVV-CNRJose Antonio Caballero, Centro de Astrobiologia
Federico Rinaldi, ItaliaMorello Laura, IBBA CNR Milano
David Gruber, MPE,GermanyRoberto Saglia, MPE,Germany
Paola Popesso, Max Planck fur Extr. PhysikJean-Marc Petit, CNRS (France)
Diehl Roland, GermanyMontesano Francesco, MPE,Germany
Italo Balestra, MPE,GermanyKe Jiang, Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
Giancarlo Perrone, ISPA-CNR,ItalyPatricia Figueiro Spinelli, USM - Munich,Germany
Harald Baumgartner, GermanyElti Cattaruzza, Ca' Foscari University of Venice,Italy
Marcelo de L. Leal Ferreira, AIfA - Bonn,GermanyFabio Fumi, MPE Garching - Uni Stuttgart
Laura Fedele, ITC - CNRMichele Cappetta, MPE,Germany
Domenico Fedele, University of PadovaFranck Hersant, Universite de Bordeaux (France)
Shetty Rahul, Institute fur Theoretische Astrophysik,Heidelberg,Germany Tobias Klńmpfl, Germany
Elisabeth Guggenberger, University of Vienna,Institute of AstronomyAlessandra Mollo, IVV-CNR Italia
Andres Balaguera Antolinez, MPE,GermanyJaron Kurk, Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics,Germany
Paola Pietra, IMATI/CNR Italiagiovannella pecoraino, imgv
Peter Melchior, ZAH-ITA,Heidelberg UniversityLuiz Mendes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais,Brazil
Anthony Carbery, University of EdinburghDavide Martellini, Italy
Patrizia Boccacci, Universita' di GenovaAna Paula M. R. Miceli, Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e EstatÝstica,Brazil
Paolo Fernandes, IMATI/CNR ItaliaAna Valente, ITA,Heidelberg University
Gustavo Dopcke, ITA,Heidelberg UniversitńtFrancesco Pace, ITA - Heidelberg,Germany
Carlo Nipoti, UniversitÓ di Bologna Fernanda Urrutia, IAG/USP,Brazil
Roberto Nerino, CNR ItalyGleidson Gomes, Brasil
Oscar Cavichia, IAG/USP,BrazilAndressa Jendreieck, Brazil
Bruno Castilho, Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica / BrasilRafael Kimura, Brazil
Erica Nogueira, ON/MCT,BrasilJosÚ Fernando de Jesus, IAG/USP,Brazil
Dominik Schleicher, ESO,NetherlandsRicardo Ogando, Observatorio Nacional/MCT,Brasil
OLIVIER Marie-JosÚ, CNRS LYON FRANCEPaolo Fontana, Liceo Fermi Padova Italia
Raul E Puebla, IAG/USP BrazilVinicius Consolini Busti, IAG-USP Brazil
Walter dos Santos, IAG/USP BrazilEleonora Regattieri, Italy
Emille Ishida, BrazilCreze Michel, France
Jelena Pokrajac, GermanyEduardo Penteado, Leiden Observatory
Silvio Modesti, Universita' diTriesteAdriana Valio, CRAAM/Mackenzie,Brazil
Graziela Keller, IAG/USP BrazilClaudia Wiemer, laboratorio MDM-IMM CNR
Martin Feix, University of St Andrews,UKMarco Salluzzo, CNR Napoli Italy
albino Collini, ItalySergio Pagano, University of Salerno,Italia
Luca Salasnich, CNR - ItalyVincenzo Grillo, Italy CNR
Guido Paolicelli, CNR-Modena ItalyPaolo Villoresi, UniversitÓ di Padova - Italia
Salvo Mirabella, ItalyMaria Ludovica Moro, Italy
Emilio Bellingeri, CNR-SPIN GenovaTsvetana Todorova, historian,retired,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Alexandra Nissimova, National Highschool of Math & Natural Sciences,BulgariaVladimir Voccoli, RCSI Ireland
Formoso Vincenzo, UniversitÓ della Calabria,ItalyCarlo Andrea Rozzi, CNR - Istituto di Nanoscienze
Caterina Vozzi, CNR-IFN Milano (Italy)Maria Valentina Carlucci, Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)
Christine Cˇrdula Dantas, IAE/DCTA,BrazilMassimo Mannarelli, Universitat de Barcelona
Alessandra Gatti, CNR-CNISM and Insubria University,ItalyJulio CAMARGO, Observatorio Nacional/MCT,Brazil
Floriana Giannuzzi, UniversitÓ degli Studi di BariStefano Nicotri, IPPP,Durham University
Roberto Onofrio, Universita` di PadovaZahid Sheikh, Sweden
marco malvezzi, universitÓ di PaviaMassimo TORMEN, CNR
laura d'alfonso, universita' milano-bicoccaItalyFormisano Ferdinando, CNR-Italy
Francesco Minardi, CNR-ItalyMarcos Tadeu, IAG - USP
Fabrizio Bobba, University of SalernoMarcello Gombos, CNR-SPIN
emanuela vitiello, italiaRainer Gruber, retired from MPE,Germany
Demoulin Pascal, Paris Observatory/ FranceHennebelle Patrick, France
Marcello Alecci, UniversitÓ dell'Aquila,ItalyLeroy Bernard, France
Sylviane Chaintreuil, CNRS - FranceCombes Francoise, Observatoire de Paris,France
Chantal Stehle-Cojan, Observatoire de Paris - FranceMoncef Derouich, CoRA/NWRA,USA
Christiane Adam, FranceAulanier Guillaume, Observatoire de Paris,France
Evelyne Alecian, Observatoire de GrenobleCris Dupont, CNRS/France
Le Bourlot Jacques, UniversitÚ Paris 7 & Observatoire de PAris - FranceCedric Dumez-Viou, CNRS - France
Combes Michel, Observatoire de Paris - FranceRoberto Poggiali, Italy
Mouchet Martine, APC - Paris - FranceAgnes Fave, CNRS/Paris Observatory
luca businaro, CNR-IFNSol Helene, Observatoire de Paris
Fabio Noviello, IAS Orsay/FranceMarco Bardoscia, UniversitÓ di Bari,Italy
Patrick Franšois, Paris-Meudon Observatoryumberto de giovanni, CNR-ibba rcs
Guy Perrin, Observatoire de ParisMoreau Florence, France
Giacomo Ghiringhelli, Politecnico di MilanoBourgois Catherine, Paris-Meudon Observatory
Durant Gaston, retraitÚ EN FrancePatrick Gaulme, Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale,Orsay,France
Bernardi Pernelle, Paris-Meudon ObservatoryDurant-Gosset Jacqueline, retraitÚe Educ.nationale
alessandro paciaroni, UniversitÓ di Perugiaphilippe robutel, IMCCE-Observatoire de Paris/CNRS France
Laurent Chemin, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux/CNRS FranceLibert Yannick, Institut de RadioAstronomie Millimetrique,Grenoble
Mario Barra, CNR (Italy)chiara maurizio, CNR Italy
Daniel Rouan, CNRS,Observatoire de Paris,AcadÚmie des Sciences, FranceLecacheux Alain, CNRS/Observatoire de Paris,France
Delva Pacome, ESA,NetherlandsVÚronique Bommier, Observatoire de Paris,France
LefŔvre Roland, Observatoire de ParisAndrea Ciardi, OBSPM France
Ouazzani Rhita-Maria, Observatoire de ParisWolf Peter, CNRS,France
Luca Rossini, Campus Bio-Medico,ItalyMohammad Heydari-Malayeri, Observatoire de Paris
Filippo Pantellini, Observatoire de ParisCristian Manzoni, CNR-IFN Italy
Gerard Rousset, UniversitÚ Paris 7,FranceVittorio Cataudella, Universita' di Napoli
StÚphane Erard, Observatoire de Paris,FranceFrÚdÚrick Poidevin, IAG-USP - Brasil
Gerard Eric, Observatoire de Paris FranceDiego Copetti, Italy
Auvergne Michel, Observatoire de PARIS FRANCEElena Ricciardelli, IAC,Spain
von Ballmoos Peter, CESR Toulouse,FranceJavier Navarro Gonzßlez, DAA,Spain
Luca Ottaviano, UniversitÓ dell'AquilaAlessandro Gadaleta, CNR-SPIN
Jean-Yves Richard, CNRS FranceAndrea Catalano, France
Juxi Leitner, European Space AgencyLaure Lefevre, Royal Observatory of Belgium
Bianca Stroffolini, University of Naples,ITALYRoberta Angelini, CNR,Italy
Ottavia Jedrkiewicz, UniversitÓ dell'InsubriaMarc Huertas-Company, Paris Observatory,France
Matteo Cerruti, Paris Observatory,FranceRuggero Vaia, ISC-CNR
LandrÚa Marie-France, Paris Observatory,Francetony apollaro, cnr-isc
Massimo Calamai, INFN Sez. Firenze,ItalyAntonio Lapucci, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica - Italy
Paola Di Matteo, Observatoire de Paris,FranceMilva Celli, ISC - CNR,Italy
Ludwik Celnikier, Observatoire de Meudon/FranceAndrea Gabrielli, ISC-CNR,Italy
Delphine Porquet, CNRS,Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg,FranceVeronica Valentini, ISC-CNR Italy
Daniele Trucchi, CNR-ISCAlessandro Papitto, UniversitÓ di Cagliari,Italy
Alessandro Lucchesini, INO-CNR Pisa ItalyEmil Nissimov, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Svetlana Pacheva, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesRocco Ruggeri, ISC-CNR
Davide Mazzotti, INO-CNR,Firenze,ItalyGrazyna Stasinska, Paris Observatory France
Fergal Dalton, ISC-CNR ItalyTIPHENE Didier, Paris Observatory
Rossella Camerlingo, Napoli,ItalyThierry Lanz, University of Maryland College Park
Thibaut Le Bertre, CNRS,Francemassimo musicco, CNR-ITB Italy
Valentina Petkova, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of Scienceslivia Stavolone, CNR-Italy
GUINOUARD Isabelle, Observatoire de ParisDavid Polizzi, CNRS France
Anders Winnberg, Onsala Space ObservatoryCOHEN Mathieu, Observatoire de Paris,FRANCE
marco genovese, INRIMLuca Oberto, INRIM,Italy
Giampiero Amato, INRIM ItalyMarco Sellone, INRIM
Carlo Marinari, INRIM - ItalyGERARD Annie, Observatoire de Paris FRANCE
Luca Zilberti, INRIM,ItalyTrottet Gerard, Observatoire de Paris France
Marco Coisson, INRIMLaurent Pagani, Observatoire de Paris,France
Andrea Pavoni belli, INRIMWalter Bich, INRIM,Italy
micaela castellino, Politecnico di torino - italyMarco Maturi, italy
Luca Callegaro, INRIMAlessandro Balsamo, INRIM,Italy
Vito Fernicola, INRIM,ItalyElena Olivetti, INRIM,Italy
Claudio Calosso, INRIM,ItalyLuca Martino, INRIM,Italy
Oleg Yordanov, Institute of Electronics,BulgariaGiovanni Bortolan, CNR,Italy
SÚmery Alain, Observatoire de Paris,FrancePaola Panina, Italy
Giovanna Tranfo, ISPESL - ItalyLuca Seravalli, CNR,Italy
Cortijo Elsa, FranceChambe Gilbert, Observatoire de Paris,France
emanuele taralli, INRIM ItalyViala Yves-Paul, Observatoire de Paris,France
Fabrizio Manta, INRIM ItalyUmberto del Pennino, UniersitÓ di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Nicol˛ Antonietti, INRiMLaura Rossi, INRIM (Italy)
Aniello Saggese, Universita' di SalernoSimon Jean-Louis, IMCCE Observatoire de Paris FRANCE
Paola Porcedda, INRiM - ItalyMichel Elisabeth, CEA,FRANCE
alessandro benedetti, IENI-CNRAlessandro Chiolerio, Politecnico di Torino
Marco Bisi, INRIM-ItalyPaola Milla, University of Turin,Italy
Barbara Basso, CNR - ItalyMaria Diaz Trigo, Spain
Griselda Mingolla, Italy / ArgentinaAngelo Sardi, INRIM-Italy
Ferlet Roger, CNRS-Institut d'astrophysique de ParisHernßn BenÝtez Hernßn, University of Buenos Aires
Anita calcatelli, ItalyRosa Di Felice, CNR-NANO Modena,Italy
Guillaume Bonello, FranceCÚsar Enrique GarcÝa, Spain
Pierangelo Bellini, ItalyDiaz-Alonso Joaquin, CNRS France
Enzo Cazzanelli, Dept. of Physics,University of CalabriaLuca Boarino, INRIM
Noyelles Benoţt, FUNDP,BelgiumDomenico Mura, CNR Sassari
Francesca Casoli, CNR,Italysilvia saviozzi, UniversitÓ di Torino
Valerio Pettiti, INRIMfilippo levi, INIRM
Giovannini Maria, INRIMPaola Benassi, Universita' dell'Aquila - Italy
Silvia Cavallero, ItalyHalbwachs Emmanuel, France
Francesco Cordero, CNR-ISC,ItalyFederico Casagrande, UniversitÓ di Milano,Italy
Busson Bertrand, CNRS,FranceAgnŔs Traverse, CNRS,France
Thomas Bouchet, Univ.-CNRS - FrancePier Paolo Capra, INRIM
Patrizia Tavella, INRIM,Torino,Italymarco l. bianchini, cnr ibaf - Italy
Gisella Menichelli, CNR ItalyNikos Paizis, Center for Educational Policy Development,GREECE
Alberto Petri, CNR-ISC ItalyKatrina Exter, KUL,Belgium
Yiota Karathanasi, GreeceDavoud RÚza Samadi, LESIA - Observatoire de Paris
Polina Fatourou, GreeceTuron Catherine, Observatoire de Paris - GEPI - CNRS UMR8111
Emanuele Enrico, INRIM,Torino,ItalyAlessandra Perardi, Torino,Italy
Francesca Di Rosa, CNR,Roma,ItalyClaudio Passananti, CNR,Roma
JosÚ Alacoria, UNSJ,ArgentinaSara BernabŔ, Italy
Elisabetta Parretta, ISecond University of Naples Italymatteo barba, applied biosystems italia
Gian Luca Scoarughi, Sapienza University - RomeMaria Guttinger, Italy
antonella palena, ItalyFilippo Castiglione, Italy
Vitaly Ganusov, University of TennesseeMonica Modigh, Zoological Station Anton Dohrn,Naples Italy
Cristina Cerboni, Barbara Di Fiore, United Kingdom
Federico Fissore, INRIM - Torino - ItalyPatrizia Costa , Fondazione Parco Biomedico San Raffaele Roma
Christoph Rńth, MPE,GermanyUmansky Viktor, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ),Germany
Antonis Gavalas, GreeceAnna Lisa Basso, CNR Italy
Laura Sacerdote, UniversitÓ di TorinoFrancesca Degrassi, IBPM CNR,Italy
Valerio Martino, Italydavide levy, universitÓ di torino
Emanuela Pupo, UniversitÓ degli Studi di TorinoSergio Nasi, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Alfredo Budillon, national Cancer Institute G. Pascale,Naples,ItalyFrancesco Cattafi, Italy
Alfredo Festucci, CNR - ItalyGabriella Palmieri, Sapienza,University of Rome
Mauro Beltramme, FAO Roma ItalyAlessia Brero, University of Turin
francesco vaccarino, politecnico di torino - italyDonato Cioli, CNR,Italy
Loredana Cifaldi, Bambin Ges¨ Hospital RomePolly Matzinger, NIAID,NIH,USA
Francesca Bruzzese, National Cancer Institute G. Pascale,Naples,ItalyMazet Olivier, INSA Toulouse France
Taburet Sylvestre, CNRS - FranceZiegler Bodo, ESO Germany
boussiron delphine, librarian,franceGioacchino Micheli, IBBPM CNR,Italy
Vittorio de Franciscis, IEOS-CNR Italypiera rizzati, italy
FRAGA Enrique, UniversitÚ Toulouse2 FRANCEArmando Ialenti, University of Naples Federico II
Ivo Saviane, European Southern ObservatoryPatrick Manuello, Italy
Sylvain Trousselard, FranceAlain CHEVARIN, UBP - France
Aiara Lobo Gomes, IAG/USP,BrazilNadili L. Ribeiro, IAG/USP Brazil
Jana Kasparova, Astronomical Institute,Czech RepublicClaudio procesi, La Sapienza,Roma
Gravereau Corinne, FranceStefano Leone, Roma Tre University,Rome,Italy
Rosy Molfetta, Paulo Afonso, MPE + Portugal
Catherine Boisson, Observatoire de ParisDaiane Breves Seriacopi, IAG/USP Brazil
Solveig Jensen, denmarkantonio iaccarino idelson, italy
Claudia Kunkel, ItalyEnrico De Bernardis, INSEAN,Italy
Pothier Joel, UniversitÚ Paris 6Georges BOUBY, France
Moncuquet Michel, CNRS-Observatoire de Pariscogitore isabelle, France
Martinelli Noemi, FranceRobin Azevedo ValÚrie, UniversitÚ de Toulouse
Dominique Jorand, FranceNicola Normanno, Italy
Perticone Paolo, C.N.R. - Italypedro guerra, Spain
Jean-Luc Gautero, UniversitÚ de Nice,franceLorenzo Fatibene, Dipartimento di Matematica,University of Torino
Nikos Paizis, Teacher,Greecegregoire charlot, University of Grenoble,France
Kloeckner Benoţt, UniversitÚ Joseph Fourier,Grenoble 1Angela Gardini, IAA-CSIC,Spain
FRANCESCA FIA, INRIM,TORINOClaudia Pellacani, UniversitÓ
Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, INRIM,ItalyStefania Pucciarelli, UniversitÓ di Camerino,Italia
Yves Chilliard, INRA,FranceAriela Epstein, UniversitÚ Toulouse-Le Mirail
Alessandro Vuan, INOGS,Trieste,ItalyDanilo Bersani, University of Parma
Patrizia Romano, INAF/IASF Palermo,ItalyAndrea Maria Colombo, Italy
Paola Del Negro, OGS TriesteMilena Menna, OGS,italy
Valeria Ibello, OGSAlbena Rangelova, Linguist,Czech Repubic
Luisa D'Arista, USAZlatka GuentchÚva, Lacito - CNRS,France
Simona Tubertini, IRA/INAF ItaliaVinko Bandelj, INOGS,Trieste - Trst,Italy
Luigi Iapichino, ZAH/ITA,GermanyEliana Palazzi, INAF - IASF Bologna,Italy
Marta Rizzi, GermanyDonata Melaku Canu, OGS,Trieste
Pierre Colom, Observatoire de Paris,FranceVedrana Kovacevic, OGS,Trieste,Italy
Barbara Lanzoni, Astron. Dep. - Univ. of BolognaNils Krah, ZAH/ITA,Univ. Heidelberg,Germany
Hauray Maxime, FranceGiuliana Rossi, OGS -Italy
Giorgio PadoÓn, ItalyAlexis Avdeeff, EHESS et UniversitÚ de Toulouse II - Le Mirail
Andrea Restivo, OGS - ItalyFederico Ricci Tersenghi, Sapienza,Roma
Matthew Moulson, INFN Frascaticosimo solidoro, OGS Italy
Marco Buscaglia, UniversitÓ di Milanosolon economou, greece
Valentina Luridiana, IAC (Tenerife)Paolo Valente, INFN Roma,Italy
Tommaso Spadaro, INFN Laboratori Nazionali di FrascatiPaulo Penteado, IAG/USP,Brazil
Sara Santoro, ItalyChiara Oppedisano, Italy
Marco Amoretti, ItaliaDelisle Jean-SÚbastien, Canada
THIRIET Jean-Marc, UniversitÚ Joseph Fouriergianni pupparo, italy
Nidia Morrell, Observatorio Las Campanas,ChileMassimo Lovo, INOGS Trieste,Italy
Antonio Scala, Istituto Sistemi Complessi CNR ItalySimone Libralato, OGS - Italy
Mihaela Kouteva-Guentcheva, NIGGG-BAS/BulgariaLyubka Pashova, NIGGG-BAS,Bulgaria
Daniel Praeg, INOGS-Trieste-ItalyDiana Hannnikainen, Metsńhovi,Finland
Paolo Roccato, INRIMTommaso Serchi, Luxembourg
Milena Slavcheva, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesGiulia Migliori, SISSA/Italy
Lorenzo Antinori, ItaliaLiana Boldori, Italy
Silvia Ceramicola, OGS- Trieste,Italynicoletta boraine, italy
Stefano Querin, OGS,ItalyBarbara De Marco, INAF/IASF Bologna,Italy
Alvaro Alvarez-Candal, ESO/ChileSusanna Alloisio, CNR,Italy
Victor Manuel Mu˝oz Marin, IAA-CSIC (Spain)Gilles BERTRAND, UniversitÚ de Grenoble - FRANCE
Elisa Marelli, ItalyStehlÚ Juliette, CPT Marseille,France
Sandro Ianniello, INSEAN,Rome,ItalyIrene Giardina, CNR-ISC
GinouvŔs VÚronique, Maison mÚditerranÚenne des sciences de l'hommealessandra ghezzani, universitÓ di pisa (Italy)
Beth McAleer, Boston Collegepaolo bettiolo, Italy
Roberto Abraham, University of Toronto,CanadaFranco Ramella P., CNR Italy
Helen Lalazridou, GreeceEnrico Priolo, OGS,Italy
Barbara Cavalazzi, CBM-CNRS-FranceAndrae Rene, MPIA Heidelberg,Germany
Olga Paizi, GreeceAlberto Cellino, INAF - Torino
Denis Smorgon, INRIM ItalyYannick Boissel, Observatoire de Paris - LESIA,France
maria teresa laudando, ItalyMarina Sardi, INRIM - Torino (I)
Francesca Pennecchi, INRIM ItalyJavier Graciß-Carpio, MPE
Chrisa Terezaki, GreeceElisa Santalena, France
CÚline Frigau, BnF - Paris 8,ParisToppan Laura, France
Pascale Budillon puma, UPEC/franceida di carlo, italy
Rasera Yann, FranceGeorge Alexandrakis, University of Miami
Valentina Malavenda, ItaliaRoberto Martinelli, Italy
Fabrizio-Costa Silvia, Caen (France)Laveder Dimitri, CNRS,France
Veronica Morea, CNR-IBPMPette Matthieu, France
Anna Berlin, CNR-ItalyFederica Folesani, Italy
Laurent Audouin, UniversitÚ Paris XI,FranceALI-BENALI Zineb, France
Michael Dunne, IrelandBOUCHERIT Aziza, UniversitÚ Paris Descartes - France
Gazeau VÚronique, FranceSÚverac Alain, France
pasquier florent, universitÚ Paris 4,francejosette marion, france
georgios Bougelekas, GreecePicard Fran├žoise, CNRS Paris
Emilio Romano-Diaz, University of Kentucky,USAClara Cortijo Ferrero, IAA (CSIC)
Anna Paizi, Teacher,GREECELaura Bacci, CNR
Giuseppe Sangirardi, UniversitÚ de Bourgogne/FranceLuca Angeli, CNR
franšois bouchard, universitÚ de Tours FranciaMubasher Jamil, NUST Center for advanced mathematics and physics,Pakistan
Franco Miglietta, CNRGajano Alberto, Italia
Rossella Guerrieri, University of Edinburgh,UKGiovanna Della Rocca Garcia, Italy
de Suremain Marie, UniversitÚ Paris Est Francealberto azzoni, Italia
Thomas Vasiliadis, GreeceRabau Sophie, UniversitÚ de Paris3 Sorbonne Nouvelle
Bernard Claude, Francemaria teresa salomoni, Italy
LUCIANA PATTERI, ITALYRobert ValÚrie, UniversitÚ Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3
Peter Hans-Hartmut, CCI,Univ. Hospital Freiburg,GermanyAlessandro Vezzani, CNR-NANO Modena Italy
Bertram Wolfgang, UniversitÚ Nancy I,FranceSchaerer Daniel, Geneva University & CNRS
Luan Ghezzi, Observatorio Nacional,BrazilDamiana Leo, Universite de Montreal
AndrÚs Cesanelli, UNLP / Argentinadomenico critello, italy
Nadia Lampiasi, IBIM CNR Palermo ItalySergio Giannattasio, CNR-IBBE Italy
VOILLIOT Christophe, MCF en science politique - UniversitÚ Paris-Ouest NanterrePompon Franck, Germany
Francesca Camilli, CNR ItalyVieri Tarchiani, IBIMET-CNR,Italy
Marie-JosÚ Tramuta, FranceMarco Garbin, Italy
Amiel Bastien, Doctorant. Paris X Nanterremario raphael melis, IBIM CNR
Gionata Stancher, CIMeC - University of Trento ItalyClaudia Zudini, France
Pascal ROMEAS, UniversitÚ d'Aix-Marseille,FrRichard ROUX, Traducteur interprŔte,France
Rino Falcone, ISTC-CNRDeny AurÚlie, UniversitÚ Grenoble 3,France
Masserini Mircea, Italy /USAMarino Russi, OGS
Prof Alan Heavens, University of Edinburgh,UKNicola Di virgilio, Italy
DUMONT Yves, UniversitÚ de Versailles - FranceLasaygues Philippe, CNRS - France
catherine Teissier, UniversitÚ Aix-Marseille I,FranceBASTIEN-TONIAZZO Mireille, UniversitÚ de Provence
Viglino Sylvie, UniversitÚ Saint-etienne,FranceALBERTO KRONE-MARTINS, Univ. Sao Paulo/Brazil,Univ. Bordeaux 1/France
Marie-Laure Schultze, Aix-Marseille UniversitÚ,FranceSophie SAFFI, Aix-Marseille UniversitÚ,France
Lorenzo Albanese, IBIMET-CNR ItalyArjen de Hoon, Astrophisical Institute Potsdam Germany
Roberto Decarli, MPIA Heidelberg (Germany)Lise BOSSI, Paris-Sorbonne France
Renoton Yves, FranceAngela Patti, ICB-CNR Italy
Marco Crisma, ICB-CNR,ItalySalvatore De Rosa, CNR (Italy)
Sonia Pedotti, CNR ItalyVincent Sizaire, France
Edoardo Napoli, CNR- ItalyPierfrancesco Cerruti, ICTP-CNR ITALY
MCarmen Toribio, UB / SpainPeter Steur, INRIM,Italy
ANTONIO TRINCONE, ICB CNR ITALYlorenzo crocco, irea-cnr italy
Erin Zekis, United StatesMario Foti, CNR
cosimo carfagna, CNRAlbert-Llorca MarlŔne, UniversitÚ de Toulouse 2-Le Mirail,France
Bruno Sicardy, Observatoire de Parisdel Campo Dolores, CEM-Spain
Krzywkowski Isabelle, UniversitÚ Stendhal-Grenoble 3,FranceMassimo Ladisa, CNR (Italy)
Liberato DeCaro, CNR (Italy)Alberto Cassetta, CNR (Italy)
Roberto Olmi, IFAC-CNR (Italy)Lorenzo Stefani, IFAC-CNR (Italy)
Donatella Guzzi, IFAC-CNRUgo Cortesi, IFAC-CNR,Italy
Nicola Macchioni, CNR - ItalyFrancesco Gabbanini, IFAC-CNR
Nathalie Brouillet, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux / FranceLucia Laurenza, IFAC-CNR,Italy
Simone Pulcini, ItalyCristina Vittucci, UniversitÓ di Tor Vergata,Italy
Barbara Olni, Italia- FacoltÓ di SMFN FirenzeBenedetto Pizzo, CNR
Karis Zecchi, FacoltÓ di SMFN,FirenzeStefano Berti, CNR IVALSA Italy
Umbeto di Porzio, Ist Genet Biofis CNRAndrea Billi, CNR,Italy
Elia Di Schiavi, IGB,Naples,ItalyTomislav Terzic, University of Rijeka,Croatia
Carlo Doglioni, Sapienza UniversityAlessandro Barducci, IFAC-CNR
M.Claudia Buzzi, IIT - CNR - ItalyGiovanna L. Liguori, IGB-CNR,Italy
Caterina Senette, PisaDavide Andrenacci, IGB,Napoli (Italy)
Enza Colonna, IGB - CNR Napolivaleria cicatiello, Naples,Italy
Paola Baroni, CNR-ILCMarina Buzzi, CNR,Italy
Pasquale Cataldo, CNR-IGV Bari ItalyAndrea Casini, Italy
Anna Vaccarelli, ItaliaPaolo Bazzicalupo, IGB,CNR,Napoli,Italy
Mikiko Hayashi, NRICPT,JapanAngelo Mario Del Grosso, ILC - PISA
Camilla Mileto, UPV,SpainMina Koleva, IAC,Spain
Valeria Quochi, CNRHaddad Elie, CNRS,France
Jiri Borovicka, Astronomical Institute,Academy of Sciences,Czech RepublicGabriele Costa, IIT-CNR
Silvia Soria, IFAC-CNRAntonella Di Domenico, Italy
Mauro Bernabei, CNR-IVALSA,ItalyJose Rodrigues, IICT,Portugal
Katarina Cufar, Sloveniamassimo montalti, italy
Andres Holz, ChileLinah Ababneh, USA
Maryanne Newton, USADamien PREVOST, FRANCE
Ronald Lanner, USAKurt Nicolussi, Austria
Sonya Powell, CanadaErin Gleeson, WSL / Switzerland
Folke GŘnther, SwedenMartha Narey, USA
Giovanna Grimaldi, CNR,ItalyAnnaamria FranzÚ, Italy
Laura Casalino, CNR,ItalySira Greco, ISTC - CNR,Italy
Lorenzo Busoni, INAF,ItalyLuca Caniparoli, SISSA/ISAS,Trieste
Maria Diodato, UPV,SpainSimard Sonia, Switzerland
GuÚrin Philippe, UniversitÚ Rennes 2,France Ilaria D'Angelo, SNS,Italy
Luigi Todaro, ItalyDousson Lambert, Doctorant,ATER en philosophie,UniversitÚ Nanterre,France
Giulia Venturi, ILC-CNR,ItalySrdjan Samurovic, Astronomical Observatory Belgrade,Serbia
Ilaria Marchesi, Hofstra University/USRyszard Kaczka, University of Silesia,Poland
Stefano Sbrulli, ILC-CNR ItalySimone Marchesi, Princeton University
Orleo Marinaro, ItalySilvia Rolla, Italy
Silvia Rolla, ItalyAniello Grado, INAF-OACN
Luciano Di Fiore, INFN,ItalyGiorgio Mascalchi, Studente Fisica,Firenze
Lorenzo Petracchini, CNRMarcella Palomba, C.N.R. - Italy
Christophe BOURNEAU, FRANCENicoletta Calzolari Zamorani , ILC-CNR,Italy
delphine montoliu, franceJulio Garcia, OGS/Italy
Fabrizio Zgur, OGS Trieste,ItalyMarcarino Piero, Italy
Grelois Alexis, Universite de Rouen,FranceDeborah Baines, Spain
Saverio Priori, IFAC - CNR,ItalyCARLA Perrone Capano, professor at Naples University
Giovanna Sarri, Teacher,ItalyFrancesco Sarri, Italy
Ennio Prosperi, IGM-CNR,Pavia,Italygabriella Pardelli, ILC-CNR Italy
Andrea Aprovitola, IRC-CNR,ItalyIvana Gribaudo, Italy
christophe Allouis, IRC-CNRFranca Brielli, Italy
Giovanni Corato, CNR-IRPI PerugiaPiero Caciagli, IVV- CNR,Italy
Rossella Di Palo, Italyveronica loewe, Infor,Chile
Pamela Fabio, ItalySveva Avveduto, CNR-IRPPS Roma
luciana libutti, cnr-italyAndrea Stefanini, Italia
Simon Guy, Observatoire de Paris/FranceRoberto Vallone, CNR IGAG - Italy
Tommy Wils, The NetherlandsFrancesco Calura, Univ. of Central Lancashire,UK
sergio nozzoli, inaf ifsi romaMassimo Meneghetti, INAF-OABO
Sofia Randich, INAF/ArcetriSanto Catalano, Italia
Francesco Damiani, INAF-OAPACristina Knapic, INAF-OATs
Dunja Fabjan, Univ. TriesteBernardo Gozzini, IBIMET-CNR,ITALY
Cosimo Inserra, Univ. Ct - OACt,ItalyFulvio Gianotti, IASFBO-INAF
Sabino Matarrese, Phys. Dept.,Padova University,ItalyAnnamaria Donnarumma, OABO,Italy
Pierdomenico Memeo, ItalyNathan Roche, Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna,Italy
Marina Migliaccio, University of RomeDomitilla de Martino, INAF,Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Napoli,Italy
Ilya Buzin, Saint-Petersburg State University,RussiaMaurizio Landi Degl'Innocenti, INAF,Italy
Francesca FERRARESI, MODENA,ITALYZhaoxiang Qi, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciencs
Andrea Negri, University of Pavia,ItalyGiorgio Mancin, Italia
Michele Livan, UniversitÓ di Paviadavid bongiorno, italy
Jean Michel Gomes, PortugalAya Bamba, ISAS/JAXA,Japan
Diego Turrini, INAF,ItalyGianfranco Bocchinfuso, Rome Tor Vergata University
Valerio Vercesi, INFN - ItalyCarmen Gabriela Plapcianu, NIPM Bucharest/Romania
Stefano Cagliero, UniversitÓ di TorinoMarco Truccato, UniversitÓ di Torino
Markus Hohle, GermanyJohannes Textor, University of Luebeck
Paysen Joerg, GermanyK÷ster Roman, Sleswig-Holstein
Jan Kottwitz, GermanyCarlo Alberto Boano, University of Luebeck,Germany
Christian Beck, GermanyDenis Novitsky, Institute of Physics,NAS Belarus
Venera Nasretdinova, RussiaEmma Fenude, Italy
Karoline MŘller, University of Luebeck/ GermanyAndrey Novitsky, Belarus/Denmark
Pauline Dervaux, FranceCesare Chiosi, University of Padova,Italy
Hello Yann, Observatoire de Meudon / FranceAlexander Kalachev, Russia
Dmytro Iakubovskyi, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics,UkraineCarmen Galassi, Italy
Laura Esposito, CNR ISTEC ItalyGanna Ivashchenko, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
Michel Elisabeth, FranceAlessandra Sanson, CNR-ISTEC,Italy
Leonardo Primavera, University of CalabriaValentina De Romeri, Italy
Eckhard Sonntag, GermanyIgor Zagorodnev, The Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics,Russia
Sandro Fogliani, ItalyMartha Velissaropoulou, Greece
Lucia Rodeghiero, ItalyVictoria Lupareva, Russia
Anna Maria Sciacca, ItalyDario De Fazio, CNR-IMIP Italy
Amanda Lopes, OV/UFRJ - BrazilAdriana Cordisco, Italy
Michele Caruso, ItalyChristian Caruso, Italy
Alex Carciofi, Universidade de SŃo PauloDebray Eva, France
Luca Fini, INAF-Arcetri. ItalyWalter Schmidt, FMI Finland
Daniela Pantosti, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologiadavide capacci, Italy
Alessia Bardi, ISTI-CNR,ItalyGianluca Volpe, ISAC-CNR,Italia
Fernando Congeduti, CNR - ItalyVyacheslav Vdovin, IAP RAS,Russia
Fabrizio Silvestri, ISTI - CNR,ItalyBianca Maria Mancini, Italy
Domenico Talia, UniversitÓ della Calabria,ItalyFrancesca Donati, Italy
Marco Rgihi, ItaliaDiego Marcheggiani, ISTI-CNR Italy
Gianluca Lentini, ItalyCatherine Leclercq, INRAN,Italy
Philipp Leitner, TU Wien,AustriaMarco Paglione, ISAC-CNR,Italia
Margherita Moreno, ENEA,ItalyMarco Cervino, ISAC-CNR,Italy
Giorgio Giovanelli, ISAC-CNRVittorio Miori, ISTI-CNR
david losada, spainRodolfo Puglia, INGV
Riccardo Gaspare Ruffolo, ItaliaArjen de Vries, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica,Amsterdam,The Netherlands
nico mastroianni, italyCamilla Pagani, ISTC-CNR
TIZIANA catarci, Sapienza - Universita' di RomaLuca Tummolini, ISTC-CNR
Roberto Cornacchia, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica,Amsterdam,The NetherlandsMario Paolucci, Italy - CNR
Cinzia Avesani, CNR,Italyvalerio sperati, ISTC-CNR Roma
Giuseppe Morlino, ISTC-CNR,ItalyMaria Grazia Ciaccio, INGV - Italy
Cristina Burani, ISTC-CNR,ItalyChiara Sangiovanni, Italy
Daniele Ciacelli, Accenture - ItalyPaolo Canonici, Italy
Aldo Fanelli, ItalyGiuliana Nesso, Italy
Andrey Ivanov, RussiaJames Ward, USA
Vladimir Berkutov, RussiaMarco Madella, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) - Spain
Daniele Caligiore, ISTC-CNRLACOMBE Catherine, Observatoire de Paris,FRANCE
Stefano Bocconi, Vrije University,Amsterdam,the NetherlandsSvitlana Zhukovska, MPIA/Germany
Guido Righini, ISM-CNR ItalyAnna Balenzano, Italy
Davide Peddis, Chemistry Department_unicaNicola Amoruso, Italy
Martina Di Nardo, ItalyRene Alberto Ortega-Minakata, Universidad de Guanajuato,Mexico
Massimiliano Rinaldi, ItalyCristina Tarantino, ISSIA-CNR,Italy
Corrado Crotti, ISM-CNR,Italygentilina rossi, CNR,Italy
Patrizia Imperatori, ISM-CNR,ItalyPavel Lytkin, Russia
Antonio Sauro, ISSIA-CNRRiccardo Urigu, Italy
Elisabetta Marinai, ITTIG - CNR,ItalyFilippo Delpino, CNR-ISCIMA,Roma
Lorenza Suber, CNR Italyvalentina Turinetto, University of Turin,Italy
Simone Bruni, ItalyGÚrard Jean, France
Luca Leuzzi, IPCF-CNRnicola scaramuzza, university of Calabria,Italy
Alberto Coduti, IPCF-CNR - ItalySamuele Nazzi, IPCF-CNR,Pisa,Italy
Bruno Rizzuti, CNR-IPCF ItalyIvan Briz i Godino, ICREA-CSIC
Bernard Debray, Observatoire de Besanšon,Institut UTINAM,CNRS (France)Karin Fischer, University of OrlÚans,France
Fabio Paglieri, ISTC-CNR RomaSergio Bobbo, ITC-CNR
Sergey Goncharov, RussiaEleonora Polo, CNR-ISOF Italy
Biagio De Luca, IAMA - CNR - ItaliaMarianna Del Core, IAMC-CNR-Italy
Francesco Filiciotto, IAMC-CNR-ItalyRenato Tonielli, CNR IAMC,Italy
Domenico Incarnato, CNR ISPAAM ItalyUmberto Bernardo, IPP-CNR
Maurizio Catalfamo, IAMC-CNR-ItalyValentina Benfenati, ISMN-CNR
Alessia Marigo, Rutgers UniversityRoberta Piscia, CNR-ISE Italy
Gaetano Castro, CRAAchille Giorcelli, CRA
Paolo Mori, Compagnia delle Foreste - ItalyGianluca Accorsi, ISOF-CNR
ESTER Ferrari, TorinoIlaria Santoni, IVALSA-CNR Italy
Gianni Picchi, CNR-IVALSA ItalyAndrea Gianico, IRSA-CNR Rome,Italy
antonella sciuto, CNR-IMM Italysara laureti, ISM-CNR Rome
Vladimir Dobrev, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesGalina Maneva, INRNE,Bulgaria
simona castellani, usaAurelio Ciancio, IPP CNR,Bari,Italy
Paolo Burato, CNR-IVALSA,ItalyRositza Koleva, SSTRI,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Nadia Antonova, Institute of Mechanics,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,SofiaLudmil Hadjiivanov, INRNE Sofia,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Ognyan Kounchev, Institute of Mathematics,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesVanya Dobreva, SWU,Bulgaria
Ivan Angelov, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesEkaterina Salkova, Bulgaria
Debora Perricone, ItalyChiara D'Ambrosio, CNR,Italy
Goffredo Zehender, ItaliaSimona Arena, CNR Italy
marco petrosino, universitÓ di napoliTina Di Palma, CNR,ITALY
Giuseppe Maglione, CNR - ItalyMaria Grazia Filippone, CNR/ITALY
Alberto Santini, CNR/ItalyMarco Mainardi, Scuola Normale Superiore,Pisa,Italy
Valentina Di Stasio, University of AmsterdamGiorgio Contini, CNR Roma Italy
Dimiter Stamenov, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesMatthew Matev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Grozio Stanilov, University of Sofia Fabio Carrozzino, Switzerland
Sapin Catherine, retraitÚe CNRS FranceKELLER Angelica, CNRS France
Simona Mancini, FranceMariolina Bartolini-Bussi, unimore - italia
Evgeni Kirazov, IEMPAM,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesAnguel Stefanov, IIOZ,Bulgarian Academy of Sciebces
Alberto Mura, INRIMMireille Sebbag, INSERM,France
Joanna Fabbri, UCL,UKGiovanni Cosentino, CIRA,Italy
Miroslav Abrashev, University of Sofia,BulgariaElka Korutcheva, UNED,Spain
Mladen Matev, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesKirirl Blagoev, Institute of Solid State Physics;Bulgaria
Gergana Marinova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesJordanka Semkova, STRI,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Nina Nikolova, BulgarienSevdalina Dimitrova, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,Sofia
Nikolay Peev, ISSP,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesAntonia Kukhtina, Theoretical Physics,Universitńt G÷ttingen
Teodora Daneva, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesStefka Cartaleva, Institute of Electronics,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Vera Antonova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesDaniela Karashanova, Institute for Optical Materials and Technologies,BAS
Dimo Arnaudov, Sofia University,BulgariaTodor Deligeorgiev, University of Sofia
Colin Latimer, Queens University,UKEngelsina Tasseva, BAS - Bulgaria
Asen Pashov, Sofia University,BulgariaLatchezar Avramov, Institute of electronics,Bulgaria
Michaela Nedyalkova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesRoumiana Metcheva, Institute for biodiversity and ecosystem research
Sofia La Corte, University of CambridgeIvan Markov, Bukgarian Academy of Sciences
Daniela Kirilova, Institute of Astronomy,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesPlamen Bozhilov, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Mihail Ivanov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,SofiaAlexander Blagoev, Sofia University
Carlos Escudero, Autonomous University of MadridIrena Zareva, ERI,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Petar Kenderov, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,Bulgarian Academy Nadya Filipova, BAS,Bulgaria
prof.Panayot Angelov PANAYOTOV, University of Forestry,SofiaRumiana Peyeva, Bulg.Acad. of Science
Hristo Dimov, Sofia UniversityCeco Dushkin, University of Sofia
Margarita Grozeva, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesIrina Temnikova, University of Wolverhampton,UK
Hristo Nikolov, SSTRI-BAS,BulgariaIrina Grigorova, IHR,BAS,Bulgaria
Yordan Naydenov, Bulgarian Academy of ScincesSvetla Drenska, INRNE,Bulgarian Academi of Sciences
Boriana Donkova, Faculty of Chemistry,University of Sofia,BulgariaHristo Milkov Dimitrov, Instiut of history,Bulgaria
Marina Dimitrova, BulgariaGalia Ivanova, Universiry of Sofia,Bulgaria
Nicholay Tonchev, ISSP,Bulg.Acad.Sci.,SofiaDimitar Nedanovski, Sofia University
Yuliana Pesheva, Technical university of Sofia,BulgariaBoyko Tzenov, Space Research Institute - Bulgaria
Dimitar Valev, Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute,BulgariaVasil Popov, Institute of Astronomy,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Martina Knoop, CNRS/universitÚ de Provence,FranceEscarguel Alexandre, UniversitÚ de Provence
Hendrik FERDINANDE, UGent,Belgiumstephen mihov, Bulgaria,Academy of sciences
HAGEL Gaetan, Aix-Marseille Universit├ęTodor Popov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Detelina Dineva, IHS,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Rayna Popova, Bulgaria
Stefan Dodunekov, IMI-BAS,BulgariaPhilip Petrov, Technical University - Sofia,Bulgaria
Yavor Chapanov, National Institute of Geophysics,Geodesy and GeographyMaria Datcheva, Ruhr Universitat Bochum
Tom Schanz, Ruhr-Universitńt Bochum,Foundation Engineering,Soil and RoNatasha Vaklieva-Bancheva, Institut of Chemical Engineering - BAS,Bulgaria
Ekaterina Markova, Institut for Study the Societies and Knowledge ,BASTalin Bernard, UniversitÚ de Provence-France
Ivanov Nedko, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBogdana Mendeva, Space and Solar-Terrestrial Institute,Bulgaria
Morizot Olivier, UniversitÚ de Provence,FranceEmeline BIZRI, Universite de Provence,France
Georgi Tomanov, Universite Lyon 1,FrancePhD Rumyana Chukova, Institute of Historical Research,BAS,Bulgaria
Peter Tonev, Institute of Space & Solar-Terrestr. Research,BAS,BulgariaValentina Sacco, Italy
Eliana Iuorio, Giugliano (Na) ItaliaElitza Bantcheva, UK
Dimitar Danov, Space & Solar-Terrestr. Research Institute,BAS,BulgariaVictoria Vitkova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Roumiana` Preshlenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,SofiaSilvia Georgieva, Bulgaria
Ivan Derzhanski, Inst of Mathematics & Informatics,Bulg Acad of SciAlexander Derzhanski, Inst of Solid State Physics,Bulg Acad of Sci (emeritus)
Kalina Ivanova, Inst of Bulg Lg,Bulg Acad of Sci; U of Sofia (emerita)Peter Arkadiev, Insitute of Slavic Studies,Russian Academy of Sciences
Natalia Perkova, Saint-Petersburg State University,RussiaIvanova liana, Sofia University,Bulgaria
Elizaveta Olkhovaya, Russian State University for the Humanities,RussiaKatya Mihaylova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Sofia,Bulgaria
Anna Alexandrova, Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod,RussiaOleg Nikolenko, Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod,Russia
Ivan Timakov, RussiaDmitry Borok, Russia
Stefka Antonova-Nikolova, Sofia University Facilty of biology Rumiana Kancheva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Georgi Georgiev, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesLachezar Filchev, Space and Solar-jTerrestrial Research Institute,Bulgaria
Virginia Kiryakova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,BulgariaElisaveta Kirilova, Institute of Chemical Engineering - BAS
Dimana Mihova, MA in Phylology,BulgariaVeselka Gyuleva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Katya Georgieva, Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute,BulgariaDavid Erschler, Independent University of Moscow,Russia
Petar Bakalov, KULeuvenPetia Dineva, Bulgaria
Veneta Guineva, Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute,BAS,Bulgaria Rada Mutafchieva, Inst. of Biophysics & Biomed. Eng.,Bulgarian Acad of Sci
Caroline Champenois, CNRS-FranceIva Stanoeva, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies,BAS,Bulgaria
Ekaterina Sergeeva, RussiaMarian Apostol, Institute for Atomic Physics,Romania
Irina Sirkova, Institute of electronics,BAS,BulgariaDimitar Tsatsov, BAS-Bulgaria
Mariana Draganova,PhD, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesSvetlana Stamenova,PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Polya Tarkoleva, PhD,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBlagoy Ovcharov, Bulgaria
Maya Keliyan, Dr. Habil. at Bulgarian Academy of SciencesIvailo Yankov, Bulgaria
Tatiana Batouleva, BAS,BulgariaBojidar Ivkov, Bulgaria
Prof. Svetlana Saykova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesPravda Spasova, Bulgaria
Vesselin Petrov, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesDiana Nihtianova, Institue of Mineralogy and Crystallography,Bulgarian Academy
Nina Dimitrova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesVessela Kancheva, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Institute of Organic Chemistr
Stoyana stoitsova, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesOlena Siruk, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv,Ukraine
Ekaterina Christova, INRNE,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesPepka Boyadjieva, BAS,Bulgaria
Plamen Mateev, Bulgarian Statistical Society,Bulgaria Alvaro DomÝnguez, Estudiante,Espa˝a
Maria Jeliazkova, ISK,Bulgarian Academy of SciencesDouhomir Minev, ISK,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Alexander Ganchev, American Univ in Bulgaria and INRNE-BASSvetlina Nikolova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Radyk Hradynarski, ACTech,Ph.D USA. Mechatronic SystemsOlivier Renaud, University of Geneva,Switzerland
Sanjaya Paudel, Heidelberg UniversityNikolay Uzunov, Shumen University,Bulgaria
Penka Danova, BulgariaAlexander Fritz, INAF IASF Milano,Italy
Elena Marinova, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,BelgiumMargherita Giustini, INAF-IASFBO,Bologna,Italy
Daniyar Kosnazarov, University of Tsukuba,JapanCole Miller, University of Maryland,United States
Elisabetta Preziosi, National Research Council,ItalySalah H. R. Ali, NIS,EG
Lucia Briatore, ItalyMichele Moroni, Iomulo,Italy
Stefano Salon, OGS,ItalyIvan Danchev, Mt. Olive College,USA
Luca Stringhetti, INAF/IASF MilanoCristina Malfanti, Milano
Leila Taghizadeh, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics